How it is correct to become tempered cold water?

How it is correct to become tempered cold water?

Hardening is the system of implementation of the certain thermoregulatory procedures directed to development of resistance of an organism to external changes of the environment. And one of the most known hardenings is a hardening by means of water procedures. Hardening by cold water strengthens immunity, raises vitality of an organism, increases resilience to catarrhal diseases and increases life expectancy in general.

How it is correct to begin to become tempered?

To learn how correctly to become tempered cold water for a start you need to define a condition of the organism, the health. If you never played sports, often are ill in cold season, you have problems with heart or nervous system, to begin to become tempered it is necessary to you very carefully and slowly, previously having consulted with the doctor. Hardening is not treatment of an organism, but its training and if your organism is not prepared, you can only do much harm to yourself. As it is necessary to become tempered water correctly not to ache, and on the contrary, to increase stability of an organism, addictions need to be excluded. Alcohol and smoking as well as in sport, are incompatible with hardening.

Before it is correct to begin to become tempered cold water, you need to sleep well. The organism has to be full of strength and energy. If you badly feel, feel weakness and an indisposition, do not begin hardening in such state, wait for an absolute recovery.

Begin with rubdown of a body with a wet towel in the mornings. Make comfortable the water temperature with which moisten a towel slightly lower to you. The wet body can be not wiped, and to allow it to dry most. Do couple of physical exercises to warm an organism and to allow water to evaporate quicker from a body. Indoors there should not be drafts. If houses very cold, after rubdown by a wet towel, it is necessary to wipe a body dry. In the evenings you should accustom yourself to the procedure of partial hardening, namely lowering of legs in a basin with cold water. The first time gather water in a basin slightly more cool than comfortable temperature. It is not necessary to keep long legs in water, it is impossible to assume that they froze. You should lower several times legs in water and to hold for 5-6 seconds, after that dry to wipe a towel and to put on woolen socks. Rubdowns by a towel of a body and hardening of legs should be done daily within 2-3 months, each 2-3 days to lower water temperature. And only after your organism will be able quietly to transfer cold water, you can pass to the procedure of douche.

We pass to douches with water

To pour over a body from a bucket it is necessary to begin besides not with cold water, and waters are slightly more cool comfortable to you.

After douche it is necessary to pound a body a towel to feeling of "burning" of a body. Before it is correct to begin to become tempered douche, before an exit to the street for this procedure it is necessary to put on himself a coat or a fur coat and it is obligatory to put on footwear. Douche very serious training for your organism. To have a shower bath, gradually lowering water temperature, you need not less than half a year or even years daily. To pass to the next stage of hardening your immunity has to become stronger, the organism to adapt to sharp change of temperature.

If you have no opportunity to have a shower bath from a bucket it is possible to replace the procedure of douche with a contrast shower. The contrast shower is an alternation of cold and hot water. As well as in all procedures it is necessary to accustom an organism to cold water gradually. It is not obligatory to do hot water at the beginning is hotter, main, to accustom an organism to cold water jets. Surely after a contrast shower be wiped dry by a towel.

We bathe in open reservoirs

The most serious stage in a subject "as it is correct to become tempered cold water" is a bathing in reservoirs at all seasons of the year. If you within a year or more daily adapted your organism to strong temperature changes, then time to try the procedure of bathing in cold natural reservoirs came. Once again we will repeat – before becoming tempered cold water, it is necessary to define the state of health, it is desirable to consult to the doctor. In the first days you have to be in cold reservoirs no more than one minute, gradually increasing time of stay in water. It is necessary to bathe daily, despite changes of weather and a cold snap. The maximum time of stay in water in the summer – 5 minutes, and in the winter – no more than one minute. It is not necessary to give strong load of heart if you just began the procedure of bathing. In 2-3 years you will be able to define what loading is maintained by your organism during bathing.

In conclusion it should be noted that hardening – the tested folk remedy of strengthening of an organism increasing immunity and efficiency of the person. The nobility how correctly everyone who is not indifferent to own health, health and beauty needs to become tempered cold water.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team