How it is correct to buy the used car?

How it is correct to buy the used car?

Purchase of the second-hand car – a task, perhaps, not for the beginner. But if there is such need, and there is no opportunity to take the assistant to the mechanic, it is necessary most to pay attention to a set of things which can spoil all pleasure from purchase. How it is correct to buy the used car privately?

So, the first. To check a car for stealing.

  1. It is obligatory to check existence of documents. In them there should not be spots, corrections, the ban on alienation of the car.
  2. It is necessary to verify that number of the engine and a body which are specified in the registration certificate, with those, which on the car. They could be corrected or in general cover and beat out new nearby.
  3. Sometimes do even more cunning: a part with number is cut out and on its place put another. If the buyer noticed it, then the seller says that he restored the car after accident. In this case, first, the reference from GAI has to, secondly, be better not to take such car at all.
  4. It is necessary to be convinced that the seller – the owner also has the right to sell this car.

Now as it is correct to check technical components and to be convinced that it is worth buying this used car.

  1. It is necessary to approach on a half-hour a bit earlier: there will be a chance to find the seller behind attempts somehow to smarten up a car.
  2. Different or too big gaps between details of a body indicate that the car visited road accident.
  3. It is necessary to check carefully how doors, a cowl, a trunk, the fuel tank are closed. If it is bad - it is the sign too that there was a road accident.
  4. To check whether there are no paint traces on rubber laying. If is – the car was recoloured. What for?
  5. Future buyer is recommended to check tires. The wear has to be uniform. If it not so, not as it should be disorder, and even pendant.
  6. To check illumination, the conditioner and the radio tape recorder.
  7. To check whether everything is pressed and joins in salon that has to.
  8. To examine a floor under rugs: there should not be a rust or mustiness.
  9. When the owner turns on the motor, to look at an exhaust. It should not be black, is dense - white or gray – it indicates breakage.

On many websites it is possible to find councils how to buy the used car and all of them are effective.

Where it is cheaper and safer to buy the used car?

Almost absolutely safe option – a motor show, big and well-known. It values the reputation. But the car will cost very much.

Inside of used cars. Almost the same, as market. The purpose of the seller is to buy model cheaper and to sell more expensively. That is sellers can try to push the bad car under the guise of good. Here it is necessary to be vigilant, otherwise there is a risk to be deceived. It is good to take the skilled assistant.

Private trader. Possibly, optimal variant. Will sell at the average price, and will not object if the buyer asks to reach to the familiar mechanic.

What used car it is better to buy?

Yes actually, such what wants. It is necessary to define what transport there is a wish: domestic or foreign car? American or European? What type of fuel? To choose several options among offers. And after that it is possible to make the final decision.

So a question where and how to buy the used car not so light and, perhaps, business it demands after all the help of the expert. It is the best of all to adhere to the recommendations stated above and to be more attentive when choosing the car that in the future there were no unforeseen circumstances. Only in that case it is possible to avoid deception and to buy the car which will be able to serve for many years. The seller always has to approach seriously the choice of the supported car.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team