How it is correct to charge phone?

How it is correct to charge phone?

In order that the similar equipment worked long time, it is necessary to know how it is correct to charge phone. It would seem what can be difficult in this process? However, experts unanimously claim that even experienced users seldom understand how it is correct to charge the accumulator of phone and make a set of the mistakes leading to breakage of the equipment, and about those who at all never thought of this process and there is nothing to speak.

As it is correct to charge the mobile phone - myths and reality

For a start let's talk about such process as pumping of the battery, many rules which on check are a bad advice are connected with it. So, pumping call process at which at first the accumulator completely should be discharged, and then to load, too, up to the end. Experts say that it is impossible to do more than 3-4 times pumping, only this way it is possible to raise really a battery resource, but not to promote faster output of the equipment out of operation. Councils to carry out pumping 1-2 times a month no more than the myth, and, very dangerous.

One more council says that that as it is correct to charge the new accumulator of phone and to maintain further operability of the battery it is necessary to use the native charger. It, according to experts, any more not the myth, according to technical reports, use of the original device prolongs equipment life many times therefore try to use it. Original devices have the system of protection against a recharge which is dangerous to the modern equipment, cheap not native chargings can not possess similar function.

Also many people consider that before filling up a charge, it is necessary to wait for blackout of the accumulator, and it belongs to the category of a bad advice too. On the contrary, it is safer to charge the device, at a residual charge of the battery on a mark of 10-15%, except for those cases, of course, when accelerate the accumulator.

How it is correct to charge phone after purchase?

When you bought the new equipment, the first that it is necessary to make that as it is correct to charge new phone, and to pump over its battery, it to wait until its accumulator is completely discharged. Only after an accumulator discharge in zero it should be connected to the original charger and to wait for that moment when charge level in the battery becomes maximum. Be not afraid that you will exceed the acceptable level of a charge, the modern equipment allows such situations as it is protected from it.

How you stop charging correctly the new battery on phone, begin to use it, only constantly you watch charge level. As soon as the equipment completely is discharged, it is worth connecting it to the device for replenishment of the battery again and again so far the charge will not begin to wait maximum. In fact, it is necessary to carry out twice pumping of the accumulator, it is advised to make experts right after acquisition of the equipment.

Using two cycles of pumping, you will be able to solve at once two problems of which users quite often complain, first, the equipment will keep most long a charge, secondly, will be able to display the energy rest more precisely.

Having done two cycles of pumping of the accumulator, do not apply this method at least 3-4 months, put phone on charging when its battery shows the level of 10-15%, otherwise you only reduce accumulator service life, only after this term the pumping can be repeated if desired. Be guided by those rules which are described above, and your phone will serve you long time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team