How it is correct to choose olive oil?

How it is correct to choose olive oil?

Olive oil very useful product. It contains the mass of vitamins and nutrients which are necessary for a human body. To benefit at most from its use, it is necessary to know how it is correct to choose olive oil. This article will help to understand what information to look for on etiquette and how to define quality of this product.

How to choose olive oil for frying?

If you want to cook hot dishes with this oil, it is necessary to look for the inscription Pomace on etiquette. This term designates that this product was made by method of the second extraction. In it there is nothing terrible, even Italians and Greeks use such olive oil for frying.

That should be made before acquisition of a bottle, so it attentively to look at the only thing on structure. The thing is that in such oil quite often dilute corn. If you want to get the product made of olives, be convinced that no impurity contain.

How to choose olive oil for salad in shop?

If you look for gas station for salad and cold dishes, it is necessary to look for extra virgin mark. Such inscription on packing means that the oil which is in it will be the superior quality. Such product is most tasty and useful. In it there are no impurity and to prepare it by method of the first extraction. For production of this oil only the best olives are used.

As for the country of the producer, it will be better to choose either the Italian, or Greek brands. It is simpler to find olive oil of production of Italy in shops, but if to you has the luck to meet the product made in Greece it is possible to buy it safely. On quality it will not be worse at all. Now you know what olive oil to choose for frying, and what for salads.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team