How it is correct to glue wall-paper?

How it is correct to glue wall-paper?

One of the most widespread finishing materials is, of course, wall-paper. They are used for finishing of a ceiling and walls. A huge number of various coloring and invoices draw attention on shelves of specialized shops where everyone can independently change an interior of the housing and make it irresistible. Before being engaged in this difficult business, it is necessary to learn how it is correct to glue wall-paper and how to avoid undesirable mistakes.

Tools for work

To get to work, it is necessary to arm with some tools:

  1. Scissors or knife (to cut material).
  2. Capacity for glue cultivation.
  3. The roller or brush (to apply glue on wall-paper and on a surface).
  4. The roller for smoothing of pokleenny wall-paper.

Work course

  1. In case various materials for pasting of walls are bought, then for a start, it is necessary to find out as it is correct to glue wall-paper and only then to start preparation of the room. Of course, ideal option will be to remove completely furniture, thereby, to release space and to cover it with polyethylene.
  2. If on walls there is old wall-paper, then it is necessary to get rid of them, using the pallet. The painted walls need to be zashkurit by means of a nazhdachka and to close up the formed cracks. With curve corners it is also worth working separately that they did not cause then troubles at a pokleyka of wall-paper.
  3. We pass to measurement of height of a wall, and we cut off from a roll a cloth with a small stock.
  4. The cloth is smeared with glue which was previously dissolved in capacity (much attention is paid to edges).
  5. For 1-2 minutes we leave a cloth a little to become impregnated, and at this time we coat a wall where there will be an oboina cloth. Everything needs to be done as fast as possible that wall-paper did not become limp.
  6. The smeared cloth is put to the right place on a wall and ironed by the wide roller. Movements have to be from top to down on the diagonal that there was all air and surplus of glue from under a cloth.
  7. Unnecessary parts of wall-paper are cut off on a plinth, and excess glue is wiped.

How it is correct to glue wall-paper with the drawing?

In case the choice is stopped on wall-paper with the drawing, then it is necessary to consider that such wall-paper should be selected therefore it is necessary to buy with a stock (there will be many waste).

There are two ways of selection of such wall-paper:

  1. After the first leaf is pasted, it is possible to combine the drawing during measurement of the second cloth on a wall.
  2. In advance to take measurements of a wall and already on a floor to cut out necessary cloths.

In order that the drawing was not violated, such wall-paper is glued end-to-end.

How it is correct to glue wall-paper in corners?

If faces a pokleyka of wall-paper of people for the first time, then he does not know how it is correct to glue wall-paper under painting and how to cope with corners therefore such options bring a lot of trouble. For professionals it is very simple. As a rule, in that case wall-paper is glued with an overlap on five centimeters and only after that, using a sharp stationery knife, is carried out on two cloths at once. Those parts which were cut off, removed and the wall is coated with glue once again. In this case the joint becomes absolutely imperceptible and a corner equal.

With external corners it is a little differently. They are glued a joint in a joint or just on them impose plastic corners which hide all shortcomings.

How it is correct to glue wall-paper on a ceiling?

To pokleit wall-paper on a ceiling, it is necessary to paste at first the front page from the center. In this case the help of the second person who will hold a roll with wall-paper will be required.

Glue is applied very quickly that he did not manage to dry until the strip is coated. Strips are cut off how on a pokleyka of walls with a stock. As soon as the front page in the middle of a ceiling is successfully pasted, from it to it end-to-end it is possible to glue also the following, will not reach to the brim yet. The latest strips are recommended to be cut off on width and on length. The main thing to make the correct measurements. As soon as everything dries, the remains of wall-paper can be cut off accurately a knife.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team