How it is correct to have a shave?

How it is correct to have a shave?

The daily procedure of shaving – exclusively men's prerogative. And for some reason it is considered that each representative of a strong half of mankind has to perfectly know this art. But it is not an instinct put at the genetic level, and many men have not a shave at all, being proud of vegetation on a face. Therefore you should not constrain that shaving time brings not absolutely expected results and is followed by unpleasant feelings and even cuts. It is necessary to learn just more how it is correct to have a shave. It is absolutely simple if to adhere to several instructions.

How it is correct to have a shave with the razor?

As electrorazors suit not everyone, very many representatives of a strong half of mankind extremely are interested in a question as it is correct to men to have a shave with the machine. For a start it is worth choosing suitable model. It is better to use machines with a large number of edges and the special greasing strips. Just before application it is necessary to take the razor a little under a stream of cold water. It is so possible to dull sensitivity of skin and to reduce risk of emergence of unpleasant feelings.

How it is correct to men to have a shave?

First, surely it is worth using special structure for soaping of the person. Long ago there passed those times when men had to use for this purpose soap, long forcing down from it foam of suitable consistence and after shaving feeling from it unpleasant dryness. Today in shops the huge range of various skins and gels among which it is possible to pick up suitable for a certain type of skin is presented. Secondly, for a solution as it is correct to have a shave, it is necessary to study attentively own face, hair on it grow diversely. And it needs to be considered, directing the razor every time in the direction of their growth. Only this way it is possible to achieve their full removal without excess efforts and traumatizing an integument. Thirdly, it is worth finding a little more time for preparation for shaving: to carefully wash up a face and to steam out a little it a hot towel. If skin very dry and sensitive it can be oiled slightly previously for shaving. Fourthly, it is not necessary to press strongly on skin, it is better to walk softly several times on the site which did not manage to be shaved smoothly at once. If it difficult area, for example, an Adam's apple, then it is necessary to turn the head or to accurately pull skin fingers.

Upon termination of the procedure it is necessary to rinse properly a face, by means of warm water getting rid of foam and hair particles. Then it is better to apply the special lotion softening skin and closing a time. It will save skin from dust and appearance of pimples. Also it is unnecessary to be zealous excessively, trying to bring the person to an ideal, it is impossible in principle. Therefore it is necessary to seek for achievement of presentable tidy appearance.

How it is correct to have a shave to the teenager?

Face hair at young men begin to grow approximately in 13-14 years. And if at first it is hardly noticeable down, then also the real bristle appears soon. It is necessary to have a shave to teenagers surely and every day. It not only helps to learn neatness, but also allows to maintain health of face skin and to reduce risk of appearance of acne rash. There are special antibacterial skins, gels and lotions for shaving, suitable just for this purpose. To explain and show in practice as it is necessary to have a shave correctly, the young man is had to by the father. As a last resort, with this delicate problem it is possible to address also someone from other male senior relatives or acquaintances.

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