How it is correct to pick up clothes?

How it is correct to pick up clothes?

The is more senior, the approach to many things including to the choice of clothes becomes more thoughtful. Besides, if to understand as it is correct to pick up clothes for the size and color, then it is possible to correct shortcomings of the figure and to emphasize advantages. It is possible to look good and without the put six cubes on the press, it is simple to have in general the tightened figure enough, and the lack of muscle bulk or small surplus of weight can always be hidden correctly picked up suit.

How it is correct to pick up clothing size?

It is important to look not only at labels with the indication of the size, but still to pay attention and to some nuances which will show whether the chosen clothes suit you.

  1. Shirt. At the buttoned collar between it and a neck has to pass two fingers freely. The neck has to be freely clasped, is not constrained in movements, at turn of the head the collar should not rotate. The correct length of cuffs – is slightly higher than the beginning of a thumb. The rigidity and width of cuffs has to be sufficient to cover classical hours, but they should not dangle when raising hands. Ideally the humeral seam comes to an end in the same place where also your shoulder. Too free sleeves do not approach, as well as too fitting, emphasizing a hand relief at a bend. At the bent hand of cuffs should not rise higher than 2.5 cm from initial situation. Length of a shirt has to allow you to bend, get hands for the head and to sit down to be beaten out without risk from trousers.
  2. Jacket. Its sleeves show 2 cm of the correct shirt, hands move freely, the edge of a shoulder coincides with its humeral seam. The buttoned jacket does not constrain movements. Between a breast and lapels has to pass freely a palm, and the top button (if their of everything 2) – is located above a navel.
  3. Coat. The same rules, as when choosing a jacket. Also you watch that it not too fitted hips. Try on it on those clothes with which you plan to carry.
  4. Trousers. Classical accurately cover a leg and do not constrain movements. Trousers chinos can be already as they are calculated on more informal situation. You watch lack of excess folds. At classical trousers of an arrow have to be ideal.
  5. Jeans. Direct or made narrower from top to bottom, surely be guided by the size of the waist. It is possible to buy jeans one size smaller as, having stretched, they will sit down ideally. Length is not so important, practically always it should be adjusted in studio.
  6. Tie. The correct length is when the tip of a tie reaches the middle of a belt if you stand directly. It is worth experimenting with knots, trying on to a concrete collar of a shirt. General rule: a tight collar – simple knot, a wide collar – large knot.

Well and finally several words about how it is correct to pick up footwear to clothes. It is necessary to get several couples as footwear has to approach a case. Classical shoes approach only a suit, for other cases buy sneakers or gym shoes. You watch that color of footwear was in harmony with all set, well and of course, it has to be convenient.


How to learn it is correct to select clothes for color?

Except white, black and gray colors which surely are present at men's clothes is still blue, red, green, yellow, brown or beige to which it is worth paying attention too to receive enough options for stylish color combinations.

  1. Red. For men's wear this color is done with a subtle shade blue to make it more muffled and solid. Best of all white, gray and blue colors are combined with it. Red color there can be a tie, trousers, footwear or a jacket. Of course, it is worth using this tone with care, in most cases will be a burgundy jacket or a red tie enough.
  2. Blue or blue. These shades are considered as classical men's, but in all blue you should not disappear, of course. The blue shirt perfectly will approach gray trousers and if to add a blue shirt to a suit of such color, it is possible to make the look more official. The blue-white combination will create mood of holiday ease, having told people around that you do not hurry anywhere. And blue jeans will be best of all to be combined with red, beige or brown colors.
  3. Green it will be well combined with white, blue, beige and gray colors too. Traditionally to men suggest to use muffled tone, for example, blue-green or gray-green.
  4. Yellow. Very difficult color in relation to a men's suit, it you will not call business in any way. The only thing that can be afforded is a yellow tie. And here trousers, a shirt or a sweater of such color will look in most cases provocatively. Their brightness will need to be muffled by means of clothes of gray or dark blue color.
  5. Brown and beige. Are best of all combined with red, gray, white or blue colors. For example, brown shoes can become good addition to a red shirt, a sweater or a jacket. And beige trousers will be successfully combined with gray, white or blue top.

To understand how it is correct to select clothes for color, it is necessary to remember some more general rules. White and gray colors are neutral and are capable to soften or strengthen brightness of the general set only. Collecting a suit, choose no more than two flowers, except neutral. Try that one of primary colors was maintained by a smaller detail of similar or same color – a tie, a watch strap, footwear, a scarf, a scarf or a belt.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team