How it is correct to roller-skate?

How it is correct to roller-skate?

Skating will deliver a lot of pleasure to both adults, and children. Besides, this one of those sports which can be engaged in all family. Today we will tell how to begin to roller-skate and what rules need to be followed


Where to learn to roller-skate?

If you got up on roller skates for the first time in life, then it is necessary to use protection: oversleeves, kneecaps, handhelds and helmet. It not only will protect clothes, but also will help to avoid serious injuries.

Choosing the place for skating, you remember that at ingress of water and sand the mechanism of skates can deteriorate. Therefore you have to exclude platforms with pools, sand, dirt. It can be the asphalted or concreted territory, it is desirable that traffic was absent or was minimum. Besides, on the platform where it is possible to roller-skate, there have to be handrail, trees, a grass – that is something what it is possible to grab until you learned to brake properly.

Balance deduction will become the very first lesson which need to be mastered. Not to fall forward or back, it is necessary to put legs in parallel, at shoulder length, to bend in knees a little. To incline the case a little forward – thus, you will not fall back at the slightest acceleration of the movement, risking to hit a back. The most widespread mistake are data of knees together. It is necessary to control constantly position of a body in space until the correct pose does not seem only true and the most natural.

Than it is useful to roller-skate?

Rollers – one of the most available sports. For this purpose the subscription to the fitness hall but only good weather and mood is not necessary. The company of adherents will add positive emotions and will allow to derive pleasure maximum. Meanwhile, it is extremely injury-causing sport therefore we will consider whether it is useful to roller-skate and what this sport has contraindications.

As well as any other physical activity, skating strengthens muscles and improves blood circulation. Especially it is relevant for those who spends the whole week at office and driving the car. Therefore two-hour walk on rollers during week-end not only will help to burn excess calories (about 500 kcal an hour at average intensity of trainings). Skating strengthens muscles of legs, backs, the press, develops coordination of movements and plasticity. To avoid injuries, it is necessary to try to hold balance and to use protection.

At sports activities the production of serotonin – joy hormone is in the fresh air stimulated. Even in the most gray day in 20 minutes of trainings you will see positive effect – the mood will improve. In addition, skating strengthens the vegeto-vascular system that is extremely relevant at the modern rate of life. Stresses, a sedentary life, the wrong day regimen – all these factors provoke uneasiness, insomnia, the panic attacks. Sports activities in the fresh air help to revitalize an organism, to normalize a dream. It positively affects working capacity and resistance to stress, helps to solve more effectively problems in everyday life.

Besides, roller walks a great way to lose weight and to lose weight. To learn how it is correct to roller-skate, it is enough to learn to hold balance and to ride as much as possible. Already in couple of days you will feel surely standing on the feet, and through several trainings will be able to carry out simple tricks.

Among contraindications for occupations the doctors specify by this sport the revealed backbone diseases with sharp pain syndromes. Also do not recommend skating for children with orthopedic diseases of legs owing to which joints are affected. This sport assumes on them increased load and can become the cause of pains and complications. For healthy people of a contraindication are absent.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team