How it is correct to take a contrast shower?

How it is correct to take a contrast shower?

The contrast shower is a magnificent means not only to make skin clean, but also a peculiar gymnastics for vessels. The contrast shower is useful practically to all, but as it is correct to accept it, know not many. Let's try to deal with this question.

What occurs in an organism?

So, if the man takes every day a contrast shower, then the changes happening in an organism can be noticed at once.

  1. Blood vessels and heart become stronger.
  2. Blood circulation accelerates and the metabolism improves.
  3. Skin and organism are well purified.
  4. The organism is tempered.
  5. After acceptance of such shower there is a charge of cheerfulness and inflow of forces, the mood improves.

The most important principle of acceptance of a contrast shower is – "not to do much harm". In case there are any problems of cardiovascular character or periodically pressure jumps, then it is better to consult to the doctor before carrying out similar procedures.

Secret of positive results

The answer to a question, than the contrast shower is useful to men and what result from it, is very simple as soul is affected first of all, skin. By means of hot water it is possible to expand easily blood vessels, and by means of cold – to narrow them. By means of such sharp contrast, blood begins to circulate well. Also good effect of a contrast shower for capillaries thanks to which the organism becomes tempered and all pathogenic processes come to naught. Moreover, as soon as on a heated body there passes cold water, the human body receives a stock of energy which is notable at once. Both the most interesting and important - the contrast shower prevents aging.

How to take a contrast shower: instruction

For a start it is necessary to get rid completely of dirt on skin to open a time. As soon as all time is open, they will be able to remove most effectively hazardous substances from an organism. Water temperature has to increase and decrease gradually. The organism has to get used to temperature that the organism not just got a stress, but also became tempered. Always it is necessary to begin with warm water. The first stage: warm water – a little cool. Under warm water it is necessary to be a couple of minutes, and under cold about 10 seconds. Then it is possible to do transitions brighter, sharp and fast. All subsequent contrasts can be carried out from hot water to more cool, and after accustoming – at all to ice.

How it is correct to take a contrast shower for weight loss?

The biggest effect of a contrast shower for weight loss occurs in the morning. The main thing in this case not to be overzealous, and before a shower to make a small complex physical exercises.

To get rid of extra kilos it is necessary that the warm water jet influenced the man's body about 90 seconds, and cold – about 30 seconds. Each time it is possible to increase-degree range from hot to ice. Ideally, it is necessary to aspire to that hot water influenced an organism about three minutes, and cold about a minute. It is necessary to finish the procedure correctly too therefore the frequency of alternations from hot to cold has to be such: 20 seconds hot – 10 seconds cold.

If to carry out the similar procedure daily, then the body will become beautiful and elastic, the organism will be loaded with positive energy for all day. And as for women, the contrast shower directly influences cellulitis and effectively fights against it.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team