How it is correct to write characteristic?

How it is correct to write characteristic?

Characteristic is a most complete description of personal qualities and human activity. To understand how it is correct to write and issue characteristic about the person, it is necessary to know its purpose.

How it is correct to write characteristic from the place of work?

Detailed characteristic from the place of work usually is required in case of transition to a new position or for making decision on rewarding in the organization. As characteristic is an official document, it has to contain obligatory data:

  • address and other data of the organization;
  • name, surname and middle name of the person on whom characteristic is given;
  • his official position, the main stages of a working career and the achieved results;
  • official position of the head who gives characteristic.

Characteristic on office paper, on the sheet A4 is made out. Style of writing – business. The text is written from the third party, time is used last or real. The document has to be signed by the head and is certified by the press.

The main part of characteristic has to disclose personal qualities of the person, his working capacity, style of communication in collective, participation in corporate life. If the worker on whom characteristic is written has significant awards (diplomas, diplomas, thanks), they also should be included in the text. It is possible to specify information on the advanced training courses passed by the person, trainings, participation in professional competitions, etc.

Especially it is necessary to mention those qualities which are most useful to a position which the characterized expert wants to receive in the document. For example, the accuracy, assiduity, ability to distribute the time are important for the accountant and the programmer. And here in characteristics of applicants for creative professions it is necessary to place emphasis on creativity and individualism. It is undesirable to use trite phrases since it can make a negative impression at reading characteristic.

It is not necessary to write in characteristic those data which future employer can gather from the summary, the autobiography or a personal record. It data on where the person was born in what educational institution he got an education.

How it is correct to write characteristic from neighbors from the residence?

Unlike the official document from the place of work, such characteristic has any character therefore requirements to it less strict. Characteristic from the residence is in fact a comment of neighbors on the person. Most often it is necessary for law enforcement agencies, but can ask it and at work or in educational institution.

The characteristic purpose from neighbors – disclosure of personal qualities which become obvious only in an informal situation. Therefore it is necessary to focus attention on relationship characterized with other people, its participation in public life of the house, addictions, short characteristic of family. This document is signed by neighbors or representatives of house management.

How it is correct to give characteristic in an oral form?

Rather often characteristic on the person should be given not in a written, and oral form. For example, the employer can ring round the companies where earlier the new employee worked and to ask to characterize him. Characteristic by phone has to be laconic, but at the same time give a maximum of information, useful to the employer. In such cases it is necessary to place emphasis on professional and personal qualities of the person, having missed official data of the company. But too strongly you should not praise the former employee – it can make not the most pleasant impression.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team