How it is possible to catch AIDS?

How it is possible to catch AIDS?

Most of people learn about the virus of the imunnodefitsit of the person (VIP) either from mass media, or from preventive lectures which are given at schools, in workplaces or by means of specially organized actions today. Any of such conversations does not do without bare figures. Last time world statistics of infection with AIDS was published by YuNEYDS in 2009. Data which became known, to put it mildly, were not consolatory:

  • today 33.5 million people infected with AIDS from them 31.3 million – adults, 15.7 million woman and 2.1 million – children live in the world;
  • in 2008 2.7 million new cases of infection of HIV were revealed;
  • total number of the dead from AIDS in 2008 was 2 million people;
  • during the period since 1981 more than 25 million people died of AIDS;
  • the number of the women infected with HIV in 2008 reached a point of 50% of world's population.

However figures remain figures. They, certainly, frighten some. But most of people are sure that their this trouble will never concern. And they do not think of AIDS when in life there are affairs more important. So everyone who carries the status of the HIV-positive now considered. And the thought of how not to ache with AIDS, has to though sometimes to appear among other thoughts. For this purpose we will sort an etiology of this disease and the main ways of infection with AIDS.

How do catch AIDS?

The virus of the imunnodefitsit of the person is found in lymphocytes and monocytes of the person. At the moment in the nature two types of a virus - VICh-1 and VICh-2 are revealed. They have differences in structure and antifoam characteristics.

The first symptoms of infection with AIDS practically are not shown in any way. HIV not without reason call an artful infection since reproduction of a virus proceeds almost asymptomatically. The initial stage of a disease can be defined only by delivery of the special analysis. In several weeks after infection of people can feel an indisposition. Its temperature can increase up to 38 degrees, in a throat there can be an unpleasant feeling or pains when swallowing, on skin rashes, etc. develop. In general remotely the first symptoms of HIV are similar to poisoning therefore very few people pay attention to it. Besides, the virus can not be shown in general up to 10-12 years in any way. As a rule, in the absence of treatment, the immunity is suppressed and begins development of AIDS more and more. At this stage any disease which quickly passes at healthy people can bring caught AIDS by death. For example, strong indications of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome are a constantly arising pneumonia, herpes, tuberculosis, a cytomegalovirus and other opportunistic infections. In other words, at the patient with AIDS the immune system is so suppressed that the organism is not able to cope with one infection.

How it is possible to ache with AIDS?

Despite a set of the assumptions and opinions, there are only 4 ways of infection with an imunnodefitsit virus for today:

  1. Unprotected sexual contact (anal or vaginal). Even when using prophylactics like Miramistina and interruption of sexual intercourse before ejaculation risk it is necessary to catch. On a question whether it is possible to catch AIDS orally, doctors give definite answer – only if it is oral sex. In a mouth there can be too microcracks through which the virus will get to an organism. It is possible to catch AIDS and through condom, but only if it "slipped" or was torn during sexual intercourse.
  2. Transfusion of blood having the HIV virus.
  3. Use of intravenous and intramuscular administration of medicines or narcotic substances by means of unsterile syringes and other medical tools.
  4. Pre-natal infection of the child from the infected mother. Also infection can occur at childbirth and during breastfeeding.

These are the only and checked options of how it is possible to catch AIDS. On the future it is worth remembering situations at which HIV is not told:

  • in one room with infected;
  • at joint use of such household items as bed linen, ware, towels, brushes, washed, etc.;
  • at handshake;
  • at hit on mucous the healthy person of urine or saliva HIV-positive.

Thus, those who consider that it is possible through saliva or through a kiss to catch AIDS – in a root are wrong. Even with such terrible infection the people continue to enjoy life, start families and even have children. Only the quality of this life becomes perfect other. How to live with HIV is a reminder that health is invaluable.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team