How most to make massage of a prostate?

How most to make massage of a prostate?

Massage is a good way of prevention and treatment of various diseases. This method and for improvement of work of male gland – a prostate is recommended. Treatment of a prostate massage is attributed by doctors in case of deterioration in a condition of a prostate, prostatitis or adenoma of a prostate. However often men try to avoid this procedure, being afraid of unpleasant or painful feelings or being ashamed. In that case it is possible to learn to do massage of a prostate in house conditions most.

For what massage of a prostate is necessary?

Massage of a prostate is the useful procedure which allows to receive such results:

  1. To remove the juice which stood in a prostate in which pathogenic bacteria and products of their activity can accumulate. If the prostate is inflamed, then in it pus which can be removed from it by means of massage can accumulate. By any other method it is impossible to achieve such result. It should be noted that any inflamed body, except a prostate, it is impossible to treat by a massage method.
  2. To improve inflow to a prostate of blood and a lymph. Developments of stagnation are the frequent reason of appearance of prostatitis. By means of massage the blood supply and a lymphatic drainage improves that reduces symptoms of prostatitis and promotes recovery of gland.
  3. To reduce risk of emergence of inflammatory processes in a prostate, and in the presence of prostatitis, to reduce risk of a recurrence of a disease.
  4. To improve digestion of medicines. At problems with a prostate appoint complex treatment which includes medicamentous therapy and sessions of massage. At such combination of medicine are better acquired by an organism, hypostasis and inflammation leaves quicker.
  5. To increase potency. Problems with a prostate can provoke unpleasant situations in the sexual sphere. The advantage of massage of a prostate will be shown not only in improvement of a condition of this gland, but also will increase duration of sexual intercourse, will improve potency.

How to make massage of a prostate in house conditions?

Technique as most to make massage of a prostate, it is necessary to know not only to that for whom diagnosed problems with a prostate, but also to all men. It is recommended to do massage of a prostate for prevention not often.

  1. Transrectal massage. This type of massage is considered unique as it has huge medical influence. However at incorrectly executed massage the organism can receive more harm, than advantage. It is difficult to execute this type of massage most because at its performance the muscles of a basin have to be most relaxed. Also the spouse will not be able fully to make it. Therefore it is the best of all that this type of massage was done by the professional urologist.
  2. Kegel's exercises. Everything can carry out this type of indirect massage, without fear to do much harm to an organism. For this purpose it is necessary to strain as much as possible on an anus muscle breath, to hold the breath and tight muscles for several seconds then slowly to exhale and relax. First it is necessary to repeat exercise on 5 times several times a day. Then to increase the number of repetitions in one approach up to 30.
  3. Prostate hydromassage. It is carried out in the evening. Before it it is necessary to make a small cleaning enema. After that by means of the syringe enter 300-400 ml of warm infusion of a camomile into a rectum. Liquid is held by about 10-15 minutes. At the same time muscles of a pelvic bottom and medicinal properties of a camomile are involved. The course of such hydromassages consists of 7-12 procedures.
  4. Massage of a scrotum. It is necessary to squeeze and release testicles accurately so many time, how old are you. This indirect massage of a prostate improves blood circulation and removes problems with potency.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team