How not to pay attention to a negative?

How not to pay attention to a negative?

Life of the modern person is sated with a set small, and sometimes and large negative situations: a crush and rudeness to the subway, intrigues at work, the conflicts with the administration, misunderstanding of relatives. There is a mass of the reasons leading to stresses and bad mood therefore sooner or later we think of how not to pay attention to a negative.

Change the attitude to a problem

One simple truth should be remembered once and for all: you decide what will be your relation to any given situation. Depending on it people usually are divided into two categories. Those who will scroll over and over again in the head the unpleasant moments treat the first, thereby increasing a dose of the received negative. The second category is people who just do not focus attention on negative situations and continue to go about the own business, indifferently. Feel above all that negative which surrounds you, be not obsessed with the bad moments and you drive away sad thoughts. That it was easier to be made, concentrate on positive emotions, think of how you are grateful for what you have – the house, health, loyal friends, the understanding parents, the good wife, the promising children or favourite work.

How to abstract from a negative at work?

Around there are a lot of those who literally exhale a negative, and it is especially difficult to understand how not to react to negative people if it is necessary to communicate with them, for example, as obliges. As a rule, such people are divided into two types: aggressive initiators of quarrels and conflicts, or fans to ache and complain. It is not necessary to create illusions: from such subjects not to get to anywhere even if to replace the place of work. However it is important to understand that the negative is transferred in the world on a chain. Standard situation: the strict chief criticized the quarterly report, you were upset and houses broke rage on the wife, having shouted at it because of the put too much salt borsch and the untidy apartment, and it, in turn, being in the spoiled mood, spanked the child because that did not remove the toys. Therefore before allowing a negative situation to affect your spirit, think of what unpleasant consequences it will bring.

How to get rid of a negative in soul?

For disposal of negative emotions by psychologists the set of trainings is thought up. It is the simplest to take the sheet of paper and to describe in paints all that forces you to long, be nervous or be angry, and then to burn this leaf, kind of destroying together with it all negative. The best way how to splash out negative emotions – to send them to the correct course. Go to a sports training, begin to draw or work with double diligence, say, be engaged in what demands power expenses and concentration of attention.

How not to assume a negative, happy people whose life nothing will be able to sadden well know. Also they are happy not because they have a lot of money and the most beautiful woman but because they decided to be those, the most available way to find happiness simply is to choose it, that is to refuse consciously negative emotions.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team