How often it is possible to do fluorography?

How often it is possible to do fluorography?

Fluorography – diagnostics method helping to reveal the most various diseases, for example, pneumonia, tuberculosis, fibrosis, malignant and benign tumors, to see presence of foreign matters at an organism, etc. As the most widespread method inspection by means of thorax X-rays acts. How often it is possible to do fluorography, it will be told in this article.

Frequency of holding procedure

The fluorography is included into the program of obligatory analyses of annual survey therefore recommend to do it regularly and, respectively, once a year. It concerns category of citizens who do not feel discomfort – either cough, or breast pain, or weakness and temperature. That is in this case the procedure is undergone for prevention of various diseases. Quite another matter, if something disturbs the person, and he in this regard saw a doctor. Then at the answer to a question how often it is possible to carry out thorax fluorography, it is necessary to consider a number of factors.

Once in six months it is necessary to undergo such inspection when:

  • in family or at work the diagnosis "tuberculosis" was made to someone;
  • the patient is an employee of medical institution and especially it concerns workers in maternity hospitals and tubercular clinics;
  • the person is subject to a serious HIV chronic illness, hepatitis, bronchial asthma, diabetes and so forth.

Those who is interested whether it is possible to do fluorography at cough should answering that not only it is possible, but also it is necessary. Such symptoms are the basis for holding a procedure, quite often happens so that the person himself tightens a campaign to the doctor, helping itself independently, in particular, applying folk remedies, etc. Doubting whether it is possible to do fluorography at cold, the patient stays at home and when the severe pneumonia is already available, addresses the expert. The procedure helps to find an illness at an early stage and in time to appoint the corresponding treatment.

All about a radiation dose

Some consider that the dose of radioactive radiation received during inspection is so high that can cause damage to health. However, as show researches, modern devices allocate the radiation doses comparable to the natural radioactive radiation influencing the person naturally every day. The maximum allowed dose makes 150 m3v in a year, and the patient receives for one procedure no more than 0.8 m3v. If to consider how many times can be done fluorography, then it will turn out that in an office of diagnostics it is possible to address several times a month.

Those who is interested since how many years can carry out fluorography, it is possible to answer that since 15 years. It is not recommended to undergo such inspection to pregnant women though the interrelation between defects in development of a fruit and radiation is not revealed today. But in this case doctors do everything to exclude all possible risks. Of course, the organism of teenagers still continues to be formed and for them the answer to a question through how many it is possible to do fluorography repeatedly, will be – half a year and not earlier. Anyway in the presence of indications this issue needs to be discussed with the attending physician.

But on the other hand, it is always necessary to remember when such inspection was last time and to store houses results that it was possible to show them according to the first requirement and not to go for treatment only because they are lost. Health of each person is in his own hands and only to it to make any given decision concerning that, there is a sense or not to put itself at risk.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team