How quickly to defreeze fish?

How quickly to defreeze fish?

Kind of difficult it did not seem, but quickly to defreeze fish really and can do each of us, even to the beginning culinary specialist. However, that the planned dish turned out faultless, it is important to defreeze correctly a product, having kept all its useful properties.

How quickly to defreeze fish without microwave?

Do you remember this strange crackling which arises at the time of warming up of any food in the microwave oven? It appears, as a result of electromagnetic radiation, there is an ionization of molecules, otherwise, atoms of food get or lose an electron. It completely changes its structure. Generally, destruction and deformation of molecules of food negatively affects also its tastes, and human health. One conclusion: we defreeze fish without use of the microwave oven.

The fastest way defrosting on air is considered. So, we get a small fish from the fridge, we spread in a bowl, we cover with food wrap. The last needs to be done in order that in a consequence of such defrosting the product was not dry. Especially this method is recommended to be applied to fish of valuable breeds and fillet. Only lack of this way: it is impossible to defreeze in hot weather differently because fish will deteriorate, all dinner will fail.

Whether it is possible to defreeze fish in water?

Of course and. For this purpose we place fish in the cold or slightly added some salt water. On 1 kg of fish there have to be 2 l of water and about 1 h a spoon of salt. Thus, salt will fill mineral substances which are lost during defrosting. As for time, small fish will become soft in 2 hours, large – in 3-4 hours.

We defreeze in the fridge

One of the most widespread methods the defrosting in the fridge is considered. Air temperature in it should not exceed 5 degrees above zero. Generally, we get fish from the freezer and we place on the lower shelf. On time the fish will be ready not earlier, than in 5 hours. It is ideal option for those for whom it is necessary that fish was defrozen only by the evening: got fish from the freezer, left for work, came and made a tasty dinner.

If there are no other options how to defreeze in the microwave oven?

This method, perhaps, the fastest, but also unsafe for your health, however, now will be a question not of harm of the microwave. So, depending on the power of the microwave oven and the sizes of fish, it will thaw 10, and even 40 minutes later. We put it on a plate. We choose the necessary mode of a defrosting and in the course of thawing we overturn.

Huge fat minus of this method: many judges of fish dishes consider that after such defrosting the fish has an unpleasant taste.

Whether it is necessary to defreeze fish before frying?

Unambiguously yes, it is necessary. Otherwise fish will turn into boiled or into her similarity. And all this as a result during heat treatment she will give a large amount of water. It at best, in the worst – fish can simply collapse in a frying pan.

Many famous culinary specialists after a defrosting salt, pepper and add onions to a small fish. Besides, in such look they leave it at several o'clock and as a result receive faultlessly kept waiting dish.

How it is not necessary to defreeze fish?

We already told about how better and quickly to defreeze fish. Time of councils as she does not consult to defreeze came:

  1. The frozen fish does not suffer warm and hot water which temperature is equal 35-40 degrees. In this case it loses muscular juice, mineral salts and also becomes flabby, stale and, undoubtedly, tasteless.
  2. If you do not intend to prepare all piece for once, it is better to cut fish in advance. Besides it is optional to defreeze her to a soft state. Besides, in such look it is processed and turns out not such and juicy heavier.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team