How quickly to defreeze the fridge?

How quickly to defreeze the fridge?

Icing of ice in the fridge – rather widespread problem. So, any man respecting himself is obliged to know how it is correct to defreeze the fridge that it did not take away a lot of time and did not put the equipment out of action. Though in general the procedure this not such difficult, is the small cunnings allowing to save time spent on it.

How many it is necessary to defreeze the fridge?

Of course, in a couple of minutes to get rid of frost not to turn out anyway. The minimum on it will be required several hours. And time of a defrosting of the concrete fridge depends on several factors:

  • extents of icing of ice;
  • models - bilocular and more modern thaw quicker;
  • will happen under room conditions or make-shifts will be applied.

On average the defrosting can drag on for 2-3 hours. If an ice layer small, then it is possible to cope also for an hour.

How to defreeze the fridge of dry freezing?

It is considered to be that new models with the system of so-called dry freezing do not need additional defrosting. But it is not absolutely right. They well work year or even two, but then such fridge should be disconnected and saved from icing by artificial thawing too. However, ice in the camera all the same will be much less, than in the old unit with a drop system. Therefore if you do not know how quickly to defreeze the No frost fridge, you will just pull out a food cord from the socket, accurately take out products, open the fridge and wait one or one and a half hours. Then collect the flowed-out moisture by a rag, wash up the equipment from within, and carefully wipe dry all surfaces.

How quickly to defreeze the old fridge?

The procedure of a defrosting of the old fridge in which ice usually freezes thick pieces is a little more difficult. Get rid of them it can be difficult therefore in this case it is expedient not to wait, and to use make-shifts: the hair dryer, a basin with boiled water, the vacuum cleaner, wooden rakes.

In the beginning the fridge should be prepared for a defrosting. For this purpose in the beginning use all fast-spoiling products or expose them on a balcony, for a window – if outside cold season. Before disconnecting the device from network, it is necessary to set a regulator lever to position vykl. From the freezer it is necessary to pull out all frozen products, to get rental shelves, boxes, etc. from the fridge. Down to spread a rag, to put a basin for collecting moisture. Now it is possible just to wait until ice thaws by itself, but if on it there is no time, it is necessary to use alternative methods.

Many men have a question whether it is possible to defreeze the fridge the hair dryer. If you in the house have a device for drying of hair, then it will quite fit for process acceleration. Only it is necessary to use it carefully not to receive electric shock. It is impossible to leave the switched-on hair dryer in the camera where on it melt water can get. It needs to be held in hand, directing a current of air to ice deposits, periodically switching on and off the device.

Some modern vacuum cleaners have a function having blown. It can be used and for a fridge defrosting, previously having established the smallest nozzle on a hose.

One more good supportive technical tool – the fan. It should be established opposite to the open fridge and to include. Also this device can be used for drying of already thawed freezing device.

It is possible to apply a grandmother's method – to put in the fridge a hot-water bottle with hot water. But use of hot steam will be more effective – for this purpose place a bowl or a basin with boiled water in the cell.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team