How quickly to learn the English text?

How quickly to learn the English text?

Kind of hard it did not seem, but quickly it can learn the English text, as beginning, and to the advanced advanced-polyglot. Of course, if you not from the first manage not just to remember, but also to understand the set exercise, you should not despair sometimes hardly to learn the text even in the native language.

How quickly and easily to learn the text on English?

  1. Will help to simplify assimilation of the unfamiliar text most that there is a usual translation. To anyhow understand what it is about? In this case either we translate, or we use Google translator, without having forgotten to correct, if something happens, in the translated text the terminations of words, and in some places to replace words on suitable on sense.
  2. Further we break long offers into a number of simple. It is not necessary to penetrate into how it is possible to learn quickly the text in English in details. The main thing to pay special attention to unknown words now: or we replace them with synonyms already familiar to you, or if that is wished by soul, we teach them by heart.
  3. This point is not obligatory to performance. From a school bench the scheduling of future story in many respects helped some, and to someone is not present. For example, if in the text it is about the museums of London, then we specify the main information in the first point (names of the museums, year of their construction, architectural styles in which they are executed, etc.). The second point is a mention of details (the presented pictures, names of artists, sculptures, their creators and so forth). At last, the last point of the plan – why it is worth visiting any given museum that interesting will be opened here for himself by each tourist, etc.
  4. If we deal with the small text, then try to rewrite its time so 10. Not only that tighten the grammar, you will grind spelling, so also remember the text. Besides in this case the visual memory begins to work. Worthwhile, writing down the text, to say it aloud. If be not too lazy, write down it on a dictophone. Next day instead of the favourite playlist include the English text.
  5. Other option of fast storing of the English text and new words consists in a method of associations. The plot described in the text present pictures in the form. Let each offer or the paragraph will be attached, whether it be to your life story, and to the song, the movie.
  6. The main thing do not try to jag the text. Thus, you, of course, will hand over material, will cope with a task, but do not improve the English.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team