How to adjust Google?

How to adjust Google?

Google – is the largest search engine, however novice users often do not know how to adjust Google that it worked most effectively. If to follow an algorithm, control of Google can be carried out quickly enough.

How to adjust Google search?

Sometimes it is necessary to install the search engine in the browser not once. The malicious applications downloaded to the computer can replace the established search Google with the. In that case it is necessary to perform such operations:

  1. To open the browser.
  2. To find in it an icon of settings.
  3. To come into the menu tools.
  4. To find in it the line which is responsible for the choice of service of search.
  5. To find Google in the dropping-out line.
  6. If the search engine Google is inaccessible, it will be necessary to add it manually and to keep.

How to adjust widgets in Google?

Widgets are the special small programs created for convenience of users. Them have on a desktop and use for fast access to games, the calendar, weather, news.

It is simple to adjust widgets in Google:

  • it is necessary to open the iGoogle page;
  • on it to click the link Add Contents;
  • in the opened catalog it is necessary to choose a necessary widget;
  • after that it is necessary to press on to establish.

How to adjust Google with a male voice?

Voice search in Google is carried out by means of a female voice. For many it has no value. However some wish the postscoring was carried out by a male voice. At the moment such function is inaccessible. The management of the Google company considers sufficient existence of a pleasant female voice. The possibility of record of a desirable voice is in the future supposed. However until technical progress reached this step, it is necessary to be content with what is.

Some webmasters suggest to adjust a male voice for Google of the translator. However for this purpose it is necessary to find, download and install the special program. It is rather difficult to find it and under its look quite often offer the infected files. Therefore yet in the official program there is no opportunity to adjust different voices better to carry out search by means of a female voice.

How to adjust the account Google?

To adjust the account in Google, perform such operations:

  1. Visit the homepage Google of accounts.
  2. Be registered and fill all empty fields.
  3. Load the photo from the computer.
  4. After everything is filled, press the keep button.
  5. Pay special attention to the password and information which can be requested for password recovery.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team