How to be hospitalized specially?

How to be hospitalized specially?

Health is the most valuable to the person, it should not be joked and neglected. Desire to get to medical institution voluntarily and without the visible reasons, is given very strange and unreasonable, but there is also it. Having wished itself a disease or a hospital bed, it is worth remembering that the negative attracts a bigger negative. But if this argument does not stop, that is several ways how to be hospitalized specially.

How it is possible to be hospitalized quickly?

To ring out in hospital walls it is necessary to show good actor's abilities and some knowledge of the field of anatomy of a human body.

Way first on the way to hospital, it amicably to agree with some doctor, naturally, it is not free.

The second opportunity to become the patient, will appear if to call an ambulance and to writhe from pain in the field of appendicitis or to complain of nagging pains in the right side. It is possible to feign symptoms of those diseases which actually were ill, it will turn out more plausibly.

Presence of purulent conjunctivitis can become the reason for hospitalization, for its development the grated slate pencil from a pencil is enough to strew on mucous eyes.

Also it is possible to be hospitalized with high temperature of a body and that it increased, mix sugar with iodine and eat mix.

How to be hospitalized for a week?

The safest way to become the patient for a week it to lay down on inspection, with some complaints to health. The full picture defining a state will drag on just for the necessary period.

If it was already succeeded to get on a hospital bed and the doctor, without having found anything, want to write out you before desirable term, it is necessary to include the actor and to complain constantly of something, but do not change, otherwise everything will fail.

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