How to become cunning?

How to become cunning?

Not each person considers such characteristic as cunning positive. And meanwhile the cunning – quality is similar to insight which does not allow the individual to appear in a difficult situation because of the simplicity and trustfulness. How to become the cunning person, psychologists will advise.

How to become more cunning and wiser?

The person who has no natural predisposition to cunning needs to develop this quality. To be cunning and at the same time wise, it is necessary to cease to treat the activity superficially. It is necessary to learn to see the hidden desires and motives of people.

In practice it is carried out by means of collection of information. For example, if to spend time for information search about the subordinate, its weak and strengths, it will be much easier to work with it, it is always possible to pick up the necessary motivation.

In the course of communication it is necessary "to keep the eyes open" as accidental phrases and gestures (and body language will not prevent to study too) the person can tell more, than words. This information is also capable to help to guess true intentions of the individual.

Really cunning person will always be on the alert even if it is tired or sick, and will keep cold mind and objectivity. He will also keep the emotions under control – in a rush of anger difficult to make wise acts.

Harmless draws help to develop cunning perfectly. It is rather safe way to learn to play, hide the emotions and to guess actions of other people.

How to become cunning and resourceful?

Resourcefulness is an ability to find a way out even of the most difficult situation. To develop this quality in total with cunning, psychologists recommend "to lose" in the head each situation in advance, preparing for unexpected succession of events. For example, the prime minister Winston Churchill who is famous for resourcefulness and finesse adhered to such tactics.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team