How to become the hacker from scratch?

How to become the hacker from scratch?

Work of hackers is fanned by romanticism. Breakings of the websites of the Pentagon with disclosure of classified documents, graceful stealing from bank of the large sums of money, an opportunity to get for any door and to learn any secret... Their opportunities are almost boundless, and names are carefully concealed. An opportunity to adjoin clan of the elite attracts many people, in particular teenagers who badly imagine responsibility for breaking of others website, stealing and disclosure of information. Let's tell only that the whole list of articles is provided in the Criminal Code for hackers.

However, between the word hacker and illegal activity it is not always possible to put the sign equally. If you resolved that you want to become a hacker, then your services can be very demanded. The hacker is in fact the IT specialist of the highest level. And all banks and the large companies where for data protection computer technologies are used dream to catch such high quality experts for work. The good hacker tests such protection regarding gaps. Any weak point in the protective program can turn back serious financial losses for bank or corporation therefore the person who is able to find gaps in advance is rewarded for the services very well.

What is necessary to become the hacker?

On the question how to become the beginning hacker? the answer only one: to be engaged in self-development. Basic skills of the hacker are as follows:

  1. Excellent knowledge of the Internet, and not at the level of the experienced user. Sort out independently interaction of the server and browser, study the basic concepts, learn value of headings which are transferred to the server by the client, etc. All information can be found in the same Internet.
  2. Knowledge of the main programming languages. If you want to know how to become the professional hacker, then without excellent skills of programming — anywhere. To learn write programs at basic level you can also, studying numerous grants. It is enough to stock up with patience and to spend behind this occupation at least several days to receive skills of programming which you will improve later.
  3. The person who looks for a way how to become the hacker from scratch, is obliged to learn language of a hypertext marking (HTML together with CSS).
  4. Knowledge of English. How it is possible to become the good hacker, without knowing the standard language on the Internet applied on all world services? In any way.

Having mastered basic skills which give an idea of how to become the hacker from scratch, it is possible to turn also to professional questions. Today in network there is a lot of information on how it is possible to carry out an attack on ICQ, nuances of technology of the XSS attacks, etc. reveal.

Code of the hacker

  1. It is necessary to appreciate the time and time of others. In particular, that other hackers anew did not invent the bicycle, professionals share the achievements at thematic forums, spread them in free access;
  2. Not to take, without giving anything in exchange. Very exaggerated: the hacker cracks someone else's program, obtaining data. Let the owner of the program know about where in protection there is a weak point.
  3. Not to think shablonno. For the hacker without it is anywhere.
  4. To be able to find answers. Always.
  5. To be able to ask. At hacker forums standards are as follows: a polite question, with the description of already taken steps. Having resolved an issue independently, it is necessary to write the correct answer because from your experience can gather something for itself useful other hacker.
  6. The computer is a friend and a living organism. It is necessary to look after it. The network is the computer too.

If you look for a way how quickly to become the professional hacker, then your allies in this case — time and assiduity. Information should master much, experience is gained not in one week too. Do not trifle time for computer games, and gain knowledge which will help you to become the professional quicker.

Yes, and still: study the Criminal Code in advance.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team