How to behave at a funeral?

How to behave at a funeral?

Life inevitably moves forward, making a usual cycle, someone is born, and someone dies and if the first event very joyful, the new member of society, then the second, unfortunately, regrettable because the person leaves forever was born. Nobody is ready to death, and it takes unawares. Coming to give the last honor deceased, often you do not know how to behave at a funeral and what needs to be done within the burial ritual.

How to behave at the relative's funeral?

First of all it is necessary to observe the general requirements of behavior:

  1. Not to rustle, switch-off the mobile phone, not to laugh, strongly not to gesticulate, not to make disputes and scandals.
  2. You should not prevent movement of people who serve a ritual.
  3. During the dead's burial service the priest it is necessary to organize comers in a circle and to light funeral candles. If such part of a ritual contradicts your religion that, without drawing attention, become aside.
  4. If the dead is necessary the relative, then your task to stock up with heart medicines and scarfs to manage to help persons in need.
  5. At parting with the dead to the place of burial it is necessary to take fresh flowers or a wreath to put on a grave. After farewell, as the relative take care of that all icons and flowers got from a coffin, they cannot be dug in.
  6. During a funeral lunch it is not necessary to challenge the place of seating and sequence of a valedictory. When suggest to deliver a speech, it is necessary to remember that words should not offend the dead and feelings of his close people.
  7. It is also necessary to pay attention to the appearance, the clothes have to be dark tones of a business type, the headdress during farewell to men can be removed.

How to behave at the friend's funeral?

If it is necessary to release forever the friend, your duty to follow him to the grave and will say goodbye to him. The behavior during the funeral needs to be observed according to the general rules described above. At the cemetery throw an earth handful into a grave on a sign of respect and griefs, support relatives by a kind word and out of need any help.

Observing subordination, it is worth remembering that, unlike a funeral, come for a funeral lunch only according to the proposal of close relatives. If you need to leave earlier or just you do not want to be present at a commemoration, it is possible to leave locations, having referred to feeling sick.

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