How to bring together radio station

How to bring together radio station

Despite availability of mobile phones, today sometimes still there are people who like communication on a radio communication. Such portable communication can be useful in areas where the signal of mobile network operator is unstable. And it is simpler to keep confidentiality and anonymity of negotiations on a radio wave. Everyone who understands radio electronics a little can bring together by the hands radio station.

It is required to you

  • - payment from textolite;
  • - foiled getinaks;
  • - transistors;
  • - condensers;
  • - resistors;
  • - microphone;
  • - loudspeaker;
  • - battery;
  • - wires;
  • - antenna;
  • - switch;
  • - plastic case;
  • - soldering iron or soldering station.


1. Prepare tools and materials, necessary for production of radio station. Four transistors of MP42 brand, three P416B transistors, several resistors and condensers will be necessary for you. Prepare also the microphone, the loudspeaker, the antenna, the standard switch, the battery of a direct current, connecting wires. Carry out installation of radio station on a textolite payment.

2. Selecting elements for production of radio station, consider number of copies which you should make. The minimum effective bilateral communication requires two sets of the equipment, but if desired you can increase number of participants of radio communication.

3. Study the schematic diagram of radio station provided here. The A1 antenna is the general and serves both for a parcel, and for receiving a radio signal. SA1 element represents the switch of food of radio station, and the switching SA2 device connects a system to a DC power source. During sending a signal the current goes to the transmitter, and when receiving – to a reception part of a technical system.

4. Manufacture coils for the send-receive device. As a basis use organic glass or polystyrene. It is possible to make a framework also of dense cardboard. Diameter of the coil make equal 0.8 cm, and height it has to be 2 cm. For a winding use a copper wire with a section of 0.5 mm, having put its round to a round. At the same time reel up L2 and L3 coils on one framework.

5. Mark a textolite plate according to the wiring diagram of radio station provided on the drawing. Make printed circuit wiring by means of the foiled getinaks. Make a device framework of scraps of a wire and hammer them into openings in a payment.

6. Insert the mounted payment into the plastic casing. On the front panel of the device attach the C15 condenser handle. Attach to radio station earphones with a high resistance and the microphone. For the external antenna use a brass tube with a diameter of 0.5 cm.

7. After two sets of radio station are ready, make setup of devices, smoothly changing parameters of the elements of a system having variable characteristics. Achieve the best communication quality. If the voice timbre at reception of a signal is distorted, pick up values of R1 and R3 resistors more precisely.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team