How to buy the apartment that did not deceive?

How to buy the apartment that did not deceive?

Often tell in news messages that the next company selling apartments cannot fulfill the obligations and about deception of buyers. What not to get involved in such unpleasant incident and not to think of how to return the money, it is necessary to follow several rules. It will help how to buy the apartment that did not deceive, not to fall a victim of substandard builders who will not be able just to complete and lease a house.

How it is safe to buy the apartment in the secondary market?

For a start let's talk about acquisition of housing in the secondary market. Such transactions often are fraudulent.

  1. First, never try to buy housing without intermediaries. Remember that the honest seller will be afraid to fall a victim of deception not less, than the buyer. Therefore, he, most likely, will address to big real estate agency or to work through the lawyer. Only at well familiar people it is possible as it is safe to buy the apartment, and to do without fee of the expert.
  2. Secondly, never you hurry to give prepayment. At first address the lawyer or the good realtor who will surely check the contract and will track that the receipt for a certain sum will be written.
  3. Thirdly, surely check the recommendations of the expert who will represent you also what represents the interests of the seller. At least read responses on the Internet about work of this agency or law firm.

Schemes of deception upon purchase of the apartment in the secondary market

There are several schemes which will be often applied by swindlers. One of them is that the person is told that on the apartment which was pleasant to him there are several applicants and suggest to outbid. If people agree to it, then often the receipt on receiving means over the amount of transaction is not formed. To see later it is the money, exactly, as well as to get the pleasant housing not really.

The second widespread scheme is that housing is sold at once by several buyers. To find out whether so it will help the lawyer or security service of bank if the apartment undertakes in a mortgage.

And, at last, surely check who is registered in the apartment and whether there are among them minor children. For this purpose to provide to an obyazuyta of the seller the reference from ZhEKa.

How it is safe to buy the apartment in a new building?

Not to fall a victim of the unfair builder, surely check his reputation. It can be done online. Also remember that it is much safer to use services of large construction companies.

After the option for acquisition of the apartment is found, employ the lawyer. He will study the contract and will find in it all reefs. It in case the house is not leased, will help the person to return the money.

And, one more rule which will help how to avoid deception upon purchase of the apartment and will protect from the unreliable companies. Try not to contact firms which are engaged in shared-equity construction. Similar transactions often do not bring anything, except disappointment and troubles. Of course, to claim that all similar companies deceive clients, not truly, but, after all, it is better to be reinsured.

Also, if there is an opportunity to pay slightly more, get the apartment in the house which is handed already over or it will be just about handed over. It though guarantees a little that the person will be able to move into in housing. However, such options are always more expensive, than at initial stages of construction or in the middle of construction of the building. But, perhaps, it is better to pay slightly more, than to lose all sum.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team