How to calculate population density

How to calculate population density

By drawing up various forecasts along with other indicators usually it is required to know density of population living in any given territory. It is necessary to find out what human resources any given region has now and what will have in several years what social institutions are required now and in what quantity, etc.

It is required to you

  • Map of the necessary region
  • These censuses of this region
  • Devices for measurement of the area
  • Questionnaires


1. When say that the territory is densely populated, it means that in this territory the dense population, that is is the share of one square kilometer a large number of inhabitants.

2. To count population density, it is necessary to determine first of all the area actually of the territory. It can be done according to the card, having measured the necessary site and by means of scale having calculated what space of the real territory is occupied by this site. If you need to calculate population density in the small territory, like the village, the housing estate or the city quarter, it is possible just to measure it by means of geodetic compasses, pegs and a rope. Pegs and a rope limit the necessary territory then measurements are carried out. At first find out in local governments where there pass borders of this quarter or the settlement, and then calculate the area, proceeding from these data.

3. Count or find data how many people live in this territory. For this purpose will be necessary given to the last population census. It is possible to use the data published in the reference book, but then it is necessary to take care of that the reference book was the newest of all possible. If you want to define population density, say, in your quarter, can conduct telephone survey and count the number of inhabitants.

4. Now, when both parameters are known, it is possible to pass also to calculations of density. You know total number of the population in this territory, know also the size of the territory. It was necessary only to calculate how many people on average live on some unit of area. Most often take square kilometer for unit of area. So, we take the number of the population of N and we divide it into the area of S therefore we receive population density of M: M=N/S.

5. Be not surprised if as a result of calculations at you the fraction turns out. It means that 2, 3 and more square meters of the area are the share of 1 person. For example, population density of one of regions of Canada makes 0.01 people/km2.

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