How to calculate pressure in a vessel

How to calculate pressure in a vessel

Whether will sustain a bucket if to pour water into it? And if to pour there heavier liquid? To answer this question, it is necessary to calculate pressure which is put by liquid upon walls of any given vessel. It very often happens it is necessary on production – for example, at production of tanks or tanks. It is especially important to calculate durability of tanks if it is about dangerous liquids.

It is required to you

  • Vessel
  • Liquid with the known density
  • Knowledge of the law of Pascal
  • Areometer or densimeter
  • Measured graduated cylinder
  • Scales
  • The table of amendments for weighing on air
  • Ruler


1. Determine liquid density. Usually it becomes by means of the densimeter or the areometer. The areometer is externally similar to the ordinary thermometer, in the bottom of it the tank filled with fraction or mercury in a middle part – the thermometer, and in the top part – a scale of density is located. Each division corresponds to the relative density of liquid. In the same place temperature at which it is necessary to measure density is specified. As a rule, measurements are taken at a temperature of 20 wasps. The dry areometer is immersed in a vessel with liquid, it will not become clear yet that he there freely swims. Take the areometer in liquid 4 minutes and look at the level of what division it is shipped in water.

2. Measure liquid level height in a vessel in any available way. It can be a ruler, a caliper, measured compasses, etc. The zero mark of a ruler has to be at the lower level of liquid, top – at the level of the surface of liquid.

3. Calculate pressure upon a vessel bottom. According to the law of Pascal, it does not depend on a form of the vessel. Pressure is defined only by density of liquid and height of its level, and h * is calculated by formula P =?, where P is pressure, h is liquid level height? – liquid density. Bring units of measure into the look convenient for further application.

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