How to calculate the area of a cube

How to calculate the area of a cube

The cube represents a special case of a parallelepiped in which each of sides is formed by a regular polygon - a square. In total the cube possesses six sides. To calculate the area does not represent difficulties.


1. It is originally necessary to calculate the area of any of squares which is a side of this cube. Area of a square it is possible to calculate, having multiplied at each other couple from its parties. A formula it can be expressed so: S = a*a = a²

2. Now, knowing the area of one of a square side, it is possible to learn the area of all surface of a cube. It can be carried out if to modify the formula stated above: S = 6*a²Иначе speaking, knowing that such squares (sides) at a cube even six pieces, surface area of a cube make the areas of one of cube sides.

3. For descriptive reasons and conveniences it is possible to give an example: The cube at which length of an edge is equal to 6 cm is Let's say given, it is required to find the surface area of this cube. Originally it will be required to find the area of a side: S = 6*6 = 36 cm²Таким in the way, having learned the area of a side, it is possible to find also all cube surface areas: S = 36*6 = 216 cm²Ответ: cube surface area with the edge equal to 6 cm, is 216 cm²

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