How to calculate the estimate

How to calculate the estimate

To define the forthcoming expenses on construction of the new house or apartment renovation, the estimate of expenses is formed. Its cost directly depends on quantity and quality of construction and finishing works and materials. The estimate, really competent and as close as possible to reality, the professional estimator or civil engineering firm which applies for a role of the contractor can. But it is possible to try to make the estimate and independently.


1. Define items of expenditure, making a start from the volume of the forthcoming works. Reflect in the estimate on only the cost of materials, but also the salary of builders, depreciation of the used equipment, cars and stock. Take basic data necessary for this purpose in the Construction Norms and Regulations existing for today – the claimed building regulations. In them for performance of each type of works a certain number of hours is taken away, according to it calculate the cost of one hour of time. Determine the size of overhead costs – the salary and percent of budget profit. The cost of materials on the estimate averages 65-70%, 17% - the salary, the remained sum includes costs of the equipment, the maintenance of the device and contingencies.

2. By drawing up the estimate, at the initial stage, try to consider all nuances to avoid mistakes. For example, at construction of the house of a certain type, the concrete height of the base is set. It is necessary that zero level was defined correctly that the base did not turn out too high or low. Consider also a climatic zone of construction – in northern areas of communication are put more deeply that they did not freeze through during the winter period.

3. Look what it is possible to save on. The considerable difference can be when using different construction materials – if, for example, instead of a brick to use a tree for construction of external walls. Besides, also domestic construction materials will cost cheaper though the quality, sometimes, is not worse than them, than at import as make them on foreign technologies.

4. Competently made estimate has to reflect all expenses for 99.9%. But consider that at the farce - major circumstances its cost can increase. We advise to put on contingencies at least 10% of the cost of the estimate that construction of your house or apartment renovation did not turn into an unfinished construction.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team