How to carry out the analysis of the text

How to carry out the analysis of the text

The deep analysis of the text allows not only to perfect skill of intelligent reading, but also teaches observation of features of language in the text. Adjusts for creative work, opens personal perception of read.


1. The analysis of the text as interpretation of the work of art, has to represent the integral text. The analysis has to reflect the level of knowledge of various language means of pictorialism, about contents of the text and opportunities during creation of any given form. It is quite difficult to make the strict scheme of the analysis of the text. There is a number of recommendations and rules. By drawing up the analysis it is not required to follow a certain sequence. The main thing, logically to make the text of the analysis that a conclusion followed from certain facts and was confirmed by arguments.

2. After reading of the text there comes the first stage of the philological analysis. Define a text subject. Tell about an emotional impression which you tested when reading. During further work on the text, do not forget that the first impression needs to be concretized, proved. To mention sometimes appropriate the history of creation of the work and also the period of creativity of the author in which there took place work on it. It is necessary to carry out work on graphic means of expression, in other words the linguistic analysis. Find out features of the text, drawing conclusions about the place of these means and their role in the text of the work.

3. Further work with the text becomes complicated. As it is necessary to track communications between graphic means and their roles in the work. It is important to define correctly strong positions of the text, to note types of communication of language means. Define a subject and the idea of the text, reveal the conflict, draw a conclusion on a figurative system. Then reveal features of structure of the text analyzed by you. Define genre and patrimonial signs, features of composition and elements of a plot.

4. For poems it is also necessary to define formal construction tools, such as size, stanza type, verse form, rhyme and so on.

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