How to cease to feel pain?

How to cease to feel pain?

It is difficult to find the person who is quietly enduring pain which becomes the cause of irritability and a stressful state. There are several ways how to cease to feel pain and not to react to it. It is important to notice that pain cannot be ignored as it is a certain signal of an organism of emergence of deviations.

How to cease to feel physical pain?

To get rid of pain, it is recommended to relax. For this purpose it is worth accepting a convenient pose, to breathe and think deeply of something good. Effectively acupressure, so, for example helps to struggle with pain if the head hurts, then it is necessary to mass within three minutes a point at a skull base or whisky. Can help at severe pain an aromatherapy, so, if the head hurts, then it is worth using a lavender, and at a toothache tea tree oil will help. An effective way how to cease to feel pain from blows – physical adaptation. It is proved that the cerebral cortex has ability to soften or to completely remove sensitivity of the person. It is important to prepare itself for pain in advance, and it is better to adjust a brain that it will be very strong. In that case pain will not become surprise, and her person can not feel at all.

How to cease to feel mental anguish?

Many came up against the situations causing sincere sufferings which are in certain cases simply intolerable. The reasons of a similar state can be absolutely different, but ways of return to normal life are similar:

  1. It is worth beginning with disposal of a negative. First, to splash out the collected emotions, for example, beat a pillow or just shout. Secondly, to exclude any reminders on an irritant.
  2. Then it is necessary to fill blank spaces with positive things. Communicate with close people, walk, travel, find a hobby, etc.
  3. To get rid of pain, it is necessary to forgive and ask forgiveness. It is difficult, but is effective. Right after that as the situation will be released, it will become much easier.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team