How to cease to hiccup?

How to cease to hiccup?

Probably, each person sometimes should ask a question how to cease to hiccup, especially, when nothing helps, and the sensible ideas do not come to mind. And what trouble if this trouble found in a workplace or at communication with people. Therefore it is necessary to know about some ways which will prompt what to make to cease to hiccup.

How quickly to cease to hiccup?

  1. To drink water, having bent forward. Quickly to cope with a hiccups it is necessary to pour a little warm water into a glass and to drink it, having a little bent forward. But with such method it is necessary to be more careful as water can get into lungs.
  2. To sip water, having held the breath. Such way will help to cease to hiccup already several seconds later. It is necessary to pour warm water in a glass and to sip it on one breath. Often there are 13 small drinks enough.
  3. To eat something. The piece of any food is recommended. For example, it can be bread or apple. Such method will allow to get rid of a problem source. Food needs to be eaten in a warm look, allowing to warm lungs and a throat, the hiccups very often arises from overcooling.
  4. To distract. Ridiculously, but to cease to hiccup, it is necessary to forget about a hiccups and to think of something another. It is possible to include favourite transfer or to read the book. If not to think of this problem, then she will disappear.
  5. To put on more warmly and to lie down on a bed. In house conditions it is very easy to cope with a hiccups. For this purpose only pair of warm clothes are necessary and the bed is cozy. Such way quite often turns out effective. Being warmed, the person forgets about a hiccups already several seconds later.
  6. To hold breath for 60 seconds. This method can seem quite difficult and give a little inconvenience, but, nevertheless, it helps to solve a problem with a hiccups.
  7. To try to begin to breathe exactly and quietly. Breaths are deep and exhalations are also capable to help to cease to hiccup, the hiccups can arise also because of the wrong breath or failure in a respiratory system.
  8. To connect hands behind the back and to pull a little them up.
  9. To close a nose little fingers, and ears – forefingers.
  10. To eat 1 teaspoon of peanut butter.

How to cease to hiccup after alcohol?

It should be noted that the hiccups can arise also after alcohol intake. And to get rid of this trouble it is necessary to clean an organism from toxins, having caused vomiting. Such way will not give to alcohol the chance to be soaked up in blood. Having done this procedure, it is recommended to go out of doors and make respiratory gymnastics: breath exhalation, breath exhalation, etc.

How to cease to hiccup to the adult after alcohol - councils

  1. To fill sugar on language and to rassosat it.
  2. To take a piece of stale bread, to chew it and to swallow, without washing down with water.
  3. To take a usual package and to inhale in it air. After that at once to inhale air, but already from it. The annoying hiccups immediately will be gone.
  4. To be engaged in physical exercises.
  5. To take an ice piece in a mouth until it completely thaws.

It is necessary to remember that alcohol is the dangerous product causing various negative reactions, for example, a hiccups. It is necessary to know when to stop and not to be fond of alcoholic beverages.

Asking a question what to do to cease to hiccup, first of all – not to panic. It is necessary to try to calm down and relax – it will help to improve a situation. Also it is worth remembering that if any of ways did not help, and the hiccups does not disappear already long time, being followed by breast pains, then it means that it is necessary to go urgently to the doctor. It can be connected with a gastrointestinal disease.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team