How to change the hall sensor

How to change the hall sensor

Hall's sensor or the sensor distributor of ignition used in cars gives out and distributes the operating tension impulses on spark plugs and the switchboard. He functions on the basis of cross potential difference which arises in the semiconductor under the influence of magnetic field. In case of malfunctions with this sensor it is necessary provozvest its replacement.


1. Check operation of the sensor of Hall. For this purpose it is necessary to use the voltmeter which is connected to the output of the sensor. If the device is serviceable, then the arrow will show situation from 0.4 V to supply voltage indicators, but no more than 3B. Otherwise it is necessary to define malfunction by replacement by the new sensor or the device which imitates its work.

2. Create imitation of the sensor of Hall. For this purpose it is necessary to remove a three-pluggable block from a trambler. Include ignition of the car. Take a piece of a wire which connect the ends to the outputs of the switchboard at number "3" and "6". If at connection you notice a spark, then Hall's sensor is recognized as faulty and demands replacement.

3. Disconnect a cover of a trambler to start replacement of the sensor of Hall. Turn the crankshaft so that the average tag on a cover of the gas-distributing mechanism coincided with a tag on its pulley. Take some marker and mark position of the runner of the distributor of ignition further to set it to the correct position.

4. Turn off a nut by means of a key on 13 to remove a trambler. Find a steel tube which is a pin for fixing of the maslootrazhatelny coupling. Take the small hammer and sharp, but weak, blows beat out this tube from the device.

5. Turn off a washer and remove the coupling. Further get the disconnected shaft from the case of a trambler. Find terminals of the sensor of Hall and disconnect. After that it is necessary to delay accurately the regulator that the crack for pulling of the sensor was formed.

6. Install the new sensor of Hall. For this purpose do all above procedure upside-down. Be attentive at establishment of fastenings. Check that all devices were steady. Check the voltmeter operation of the new sensor.

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