How to change thermopaste on the processor?

How to change thermopaste on the processor?

Overheating of the computer – serious danger which can lead to damage of important details. For this reason it is regularly necessary to purge and the nobility how to change paste on the processor. This process has some nuances which are important for considering to gain desirable effect and not to do much harm to operation of the computer. It is important to notice that if paste is crookedly applied, then any cooler will incorrectly work.

How to change thermopaste on the processor?

Before getting to work, consider some important nuances. First, the layer has to be put on all to a surface where there is a contact of a radiator and the processor. Secondly, the layer has to be the thinnest. Thirdly, the layer has to be integral, without any spots.

Before understanding how to change thermopaste, it is necessary to be prepared, having taken only two objects – a tube with thermopaste and the plastic card or any other similar thin subject. After that there is a dismantling of the computer to reach a cooler and respectively the necessary payment.

As it is correct to change thermopaste on the processor:

  1. For a start it is necessary to purge and remove residues of the having paste. For this purpose it is possible to use wet towel wipes for office equipment or a wet rag.
  2. Take a tube and squeeze out a straight line, moving from edge to edge. It is not necessary to try to make too thin line and you should not broaden it. All these manipulations will not allow to achieve good result.
  3. Now time to take a card and to densely put its edge to the surface of the processor so that it approximately was at right angle came.
  4. Slowly moving ahead to the opposite edge, not changing pressing of a card, distribute paste.

At once it has to turn out ideally, but if the hand after all moved, and left crooked, then remove paste and repeat everything at first. That the layer left more uniform and thin, it is recommended to walk on the surface of the chip several times. Saying about how to change thermopaste on the computer, It is necessary to tell about an important detail – surely remove paste which appeared out of the surface of the processor. For this purpose it is possible to use usual cotton wool or a leaky napkin. Work accurately not to soil other details of the computer that can lead to emergence of various problems.

Finally we will understand how often it is necessary to make replacement. If in operating time of the computer the temperature condition does not reach critical value, but it is necessary to make replacement time in half a year-year. When in operating time temperature often reaches 70 degrees, process is recommended to repeat time in few months.

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