How to check accumulator capacity?

How to check accumulator capacity?

Capacity of the accumulator shows what quantity of a charge will be able to give the power supply for a concrete period, considering a certain value of tension. This indicator can be measured in ampere-hours. It is important to know how to check the accumulator capacity that the car worked well and did not bring at the most inappropriate moment. There are several ways which everyone can use.

How to check the accumulator by car?

Several techniques which have advantages and shortcomings are suitable for house check without use of any difficult devices.

  1. The first way. Let's begin with so-called classics which means application of the control category. Completely discharged accumulator needs to be loaded so that current was such size as it is specified in passport data. Then turn on the ampermeter in a chain and note time for which current will decrease more than by 50%. It is worth noticing that in modern accumulators it occurs, after the estimated time specified in the passport. In case decrease happened quicker, than is declared, so the battery loses the capacity. When current fell sharply - it is a signal that it is necessary to buy the new accumulator. It is possible to carry the fact that it is necessary to count and select loading to shortcomings of this method, and on it a lot of time will leave.
  2. The second way. The following method will allow to learn how to check accumulator capacity a tester. For it it is necessary to prepare a multimeter. In this method it is necessary to pick up loading so that it took away a half of current on which the battery is calculated, and it is specified in passport data. For conducting check take completely discharged accumulator and connect to it the picked-up loading. In a couple of minutes it is necessary to check tension on terminals. That capacity will testify normal the indication of tension on a multimeter in 12.4 V. If the value is in range of 12-12.4 V, then capacity already far from an ideal. In case the value fell even below, then it is necessary to change the accumulator.
  3. The third way. The following method how to check the capacity of the automobile accumulator, more modern and simple. For this purpose it is necessary to have the device which is connected to accumulator terminals. On the display it will be possible to see all information. Work is based on a posylaniye of special signals the device.

How to check electrolyte level in the accumulator?

The admissible norm of this important solution has to enter a limit from 12 to 15 ml. It is possible to check electrolyte level on a magic eye for what it is necessary to knock on it and to look how bubbles will rise. If the indicator of color is green, then it is normal, and the white shade says that recharge is necessary. Red color indicates that it is necessary to add water.

One more method means use of a glass tubule which needs to be pushed in an accumulator opening to a safety lock guard. Other end needs to be closed a finger and to get a test tube, having looked at value.

How to check electrolyte density in the accumulator?

To perform measurement, there are several ways. For the fastest and simple it is necessary to take the special device which is called денсиметр. It is a small tube where there is an areometer. On the one hand it has a tip, and with another – rubber pear. At the battery it is necessary to find a jellied opening and to lower in it densimetr. By means of pear pump a little acid and you hold the device at the level of eyes so that the areometer was in rest. Thanks to it it will be possible to see value of density.

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