How to check an optron

How to check an optron

Failure of an optron quite often leads to full loss of operability of the pulse power supply, switchboard of loadings or other device where it is established. To make sure that this element became a cause of defect and also that again installed device is serviceable, it is necessary to carry out a simple inspection.

It is required to you

  • - soldering iron, solder and neutral gumboil;
  • - multimeter;
  • - power supply;
  • - resistors.


1. If the optron which serviceability is called into question is sealed in a payment, it is necessary to disconnect its food, to discharge on it electrolytic condensers, and then vypayat to an optopar, remembering as it was sealed.

2. Optrons have different emitters (glow lamps, neon lamps, light-emitting diodes, light-emitting condensers) and different receivers of radiation (photoresistors, photo diodes, phototransistors, photo thyristors, fotosimistor). Also they differ in a pin-connection diagram. Therefore it is necessary to find data on type and a pin-connection diagram of an optopara or in the reference book or a datashita, or in the scheme of that device where it was established. Quite often interpretation of a pin-connection diagram of an optron is applied directly on a payment of this device. If the device modern, it is possible to be sure almost for certain that the emitter in it is the light-emitting diode.

3. If the receiver of radiation is the photo diode, connect an element of an optron to it include, observing polarity, in the chain consisting of a source of constant tension in several volt, the resistor calculated so that current via the receiver of radiation did not exceed admissible, and the multimeter working in the mode of measurement of current on the corresponding limit.

4. Now enter the optopara emitter into an operating mode. For inclusion of a light-emitting diode pass through it in direct polarity the direct current equal to nominal. On the glow lamp give rated voltage. A neon lamp or the light-emitting condenser, being careful, connect to network via the resistor with a resistance from 500 kOhm to 1 megohms and with power not less than 0.5 W.

5. The photodetector has to react to turning on of the emitter sharp change of the mode. Try to switch off and turn on the emitter several times now. The photo thyristor and the photoresistor will remain open and after removal of the operating influence up to shutdown of their food. Other types of photodetectors will react to each change of the operating signal. If the optron has an open optical channel, make sure of change of reaction of the receiver of radiation when overlapping this channel.

6. Having drawn a conclusion on a condition of an optron, cut off power the test unit and sort. After that seal an optopara back in a payment or replace with another. Continue repair of the device which part the optron is.

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