How to check dollars for authenticity?

How to check dollars for authenticity?

That there were no troubles, it is necessary to check money for authenticity surely. Of course, it is better to do it in bank, but if, for example, repaid to the person a debt in currency, then it will be extremely difficult to make it therefore, it is necessary to know how to check dollars in house conditions. Especially as it is rather simple to make it.

How to check dollars for authenticity?

First, it is necessary to remember that all dollar notes it is not dependent on face value have identical parameters – 66.6 x 156.4 mm. Secondly, be convinced that before you the banknote of real-life face value, that is 1,2,5,10,20,50,100. And, at last, pay attention to special signs and signs, they help, both to check dollar for falsity, and to be convinced of authenticity of other currency including domestic.

Whether how to check the real dollar on special signs?

Paper of this currency to the touch reminds fabric a little, it is the first specific sign. All images applied to the note are not erased and do not grow dull if it is strong to rub them a finger, and figures on dollar at a certain inclination will change color from green for anthracitic. A reverse side of the banknote, it is not dependent on face value, has to be rather bright color. And watermarks near the central image have to be illuminated on both sides.

From forgeries the present note is also distinguished by multi-colored magnetic impregnations. They kind of penetrate the banknote, and are not applied on its surface in any way. This sign will help to check, both 100 dollars for authenticity, and notes of other face value. Swindlers often forget to forge this sign.

If necessary try to consider the banknote through a magnifying glass to be convinced that on a top of a jacket of the president there is a press of The United States of America. It surely has to be present there.

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