How to check text spelling

How to check text spelling

Typing the text into the computer with use of the Word word-processor, we have an opportunity to check it for existence of spelling errors. It is very convenient first of all the program significantly saves the user's time, automatically ispravyat typos, for example, in the form of out of place zadvoyenny letters, inserts capital letters instead of lower case and so forth.


1. Spelling means of Word use in order that to check spellingv the text and to correct already available errors. The word-processor can automatically keep up with spelling while you type the text, also the user can carry out verification of all text or separate words after the document is typed.

2. In order that Word checked text spelling in the automatic mode, come into the Service menu, press "Parameters", further – "Spelling" and include a tag "Automatically to check spelling". If during check the word in which Word finds a mistake (it means that the word-processor just did not find it in the dictionary) meets, it is allocated by means of wavy underlining. There is an option to pass a word or to correct it, having right-clicked on it. You can press "to Add", and the program automatically adds this word to the dictionary.

3. Choosing the last option, press one of writing options which is offered by the program in a context menu, or click "to Pass", and Word stops selecting this word.

4. The word-processor at first will check spelling of that part of the text which is typed already, and will control later writing of each new entered word.

5. Besides Word it is also possible to use special programs for spellchecking online. Those work extremely simply, you need to enter a word or the text into a special window, and the program will underline words in which there is a mistake and also will offer the correct option of writing.

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