How to check the dynistor

How to check the dynistor

The dynistor is called the device opening in case the direct tension attached to it exceeds a certain value. After that it is closed only after decrease in the current passing through it to other certain value.


1. As the dynistor learn from the reference book or specialized web pages two parameters of the dynistor: tension of opening and current of closing. If its pin-connection diagram is unknown to you, learn also it.

2. Take the loading consuming the current twice exceeding current of closing of the dynistor and calculated on tension by one and a half times exceeding tension of its opening. Connect loading to regulated a flea of food via the dynistor and the ampermeter, observing polarity. Parallel to the block connect the voltmeter, also observing polarity. Expose on them the correct limits of measurement. Adjustable power supplies with the built-in voltmeter and the ampermeter are very convenient.

3. Parallel to loading connect the second voltmeter. At its accession also observe polarity and correctly set on it a limit of measurement.

4. Set on the power supply the handle of adjustment of tension to the position corresponding to a minimum, then include it. Smoothly increase tension until loading does not join. Write down indications of the voltmeter. Then, watching closely an arrow or the indicator of the ampermeter, smoothly reduce tension until loading is switched off. Write down those indications of the ampermeter which took place just before shutdown of loading.

5. Switch-off the power supply, make sure that tension at its exit disappeared then sort a chain. Verify results of measurement with passport, considering the voltage drop on loading measured by the second voltmeter. Just subtract it from the general supply voltage. The measured parameters should not differ from passport more, than for twenty percent.

6. If necessary check the dynistor for stability of parameters, having taken several measurements. Devices which parameters are unstable or do not correspond to passport, use only in irresponsible chains.

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