How to check the sensor of temperature of cooling liquid?

How to check the sensor of temperature of cooling liquid?

The sensor of temperature of cooling liquid (DZhOT) is intended for accounting of temperature in the engine and also it is important for operation of the radiator fan. The detail simple and small by sight plays an important role in the cooling system. It can quickly fail for this reason it is necessary to know how to check operability of the sensor. It is for this purpose optional to go on HUNDRED as there are several ways which everyone can use.

Today in cars two DZhOT are established, at the same time one is near the intake manifold of the injector engine, and the second at the block of cylinders.

How to check the sensor of temperature of cooling liquid?

In the majority of cars the device which cornerstone the thermostat is is used. When temperature increases, resistance changes that leads to emergence of so-called temperature coefficient. There are several ways which allow to check serviceability of this device, will consider the most available.

Without dismantling of the sensor. For a start we will understand how to check the sensor of cooling liquid without removing it. The task is in properly to warm up the engine, and then, to muffle it, but at the same time not to switch off ignition. By means of the voltmeter it is necessary to measure tension at the outputs of the sensor. The norm is considered if in a cold state value – 2 V, and in hot – 0.5 V. That the device failed will specify reduction of tension in the first case to value of 1.5 V, and in the second, on the contrary, increase up to the indication in 1.25 V. If not to make replacement, then there will be difficulties at ignition of the cold engine, and here during sharp work there will be a liquid reenrichment.

With dismantling of the sensor. To find out how to check the sensor of temperature of cooling liquid more carefully, it should be taken into account this method meaning removal of the device. The initial task is to merge all liquid and only then to turn off the device. After this DZhOT lower in the container with water which needs to be heated to temperature, about, 80 degrees gradually. In case the device works correctly, then with increase in temperature value of resistance will approach a minimum. Thus, at the maximum heating the device will show value – 270-380 Ohms. If in the car the device with positive coefficient is used, then indications of resistance will grow.

Finally to understand how to check serviceability of the sensor, it is necessary to learn to carry out additional diagnostics. It is necessary in case preliminary check showed that the sensor is serviceable, but at the same time the temperature index shows identical values. For carrying out diagnostics the device has to be dismantled. Then, on plus the bulb is connected, and the second conclusion is attached on the mass of the accumulator. Then it is necessary to include ignition and to look whether the bulb lit up and also to check behavior of the sensor. In case it does not move, then can not doubt, in a chain there is a malfunction. The decision one is to dismantle a guard and to repair the index of temperature. If the lamp burns and the index moves, it is necessary to replace the sensor.

The considered methods allowing to learn how to check the OZh sensor, are not exact and are more suitable for fast check. In case it was not succeeded to find the reason of malfunctions, it is necessary to address the professional who by means of the special equipment will adjust work of the car.


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