How to choose a bed?

How to choose a bed?

It is worth approaching the choice of a berth responsibly as comfortable and good rest is important for each person. There are several basic principles as it is correct to choose a bed for the bedroom which surely should be considered. Experts do not advise to save on such purchase as the human health in many respects depends on it.

How it is correct to choose a bed?

Besides that the bought bed has to approach on design, it is important to consider several important criteria:

  1. Framework. Durability and durability of a bed depends on this parameter. The option which has two basic backs and side panels is considered the best. Frameworks from metal and special breeds of a tree are considered as strong.
  2. Basis. Finding out how to choose a bed, it should be taken into account also quantity of crossing points. For a double bed them there have to be about 30 pieces, and for single – 15 pieces. The distance between them should not be more than width of a crossing point.
  3. Mattress. It is the best of all to give preference to an orthopedic mattress which can be latex and spring. The second option is considered the best, and the quality of the second depends on quantity of springs. Upon purchase of a usual mattress give preference to natural fillers.

Saying about how to choose a bed to the bedroom, it is important to pick up the size correctly. Always consider the sizes in figures as in the different countries the standards. Remember that the berth size, but not beds is specified. Experts recommend to choose the biggest size which can be located in the room. Select length so that it was at least 15 cm more than growth. It is the best of all to select width in practice for what just lay down on the chosen bed and put hands behind the head. If elbows do not hang down, so the bed is considered suitable. As for height, it is ideal when the upper edge is not lower than the level of knees of the standing person.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team