How to choose a club for hockey?

How to choose a club for hockey?

Practically in each big city there is an indoor ice rink that allows to play hockey all the year round. In the winter everyone has an opportunity to play with children this interesting game on the street. It is important to know how it is correct to choose a club for hockey, especially if there is a wish to develop in this sport. This apparatus represents a long thin shank which on one end has a flat expansion called a hook. Length of a club can vary from 150 to 200 cm, and here length of a hook from 25 to 40 cm.

How to choose a club for hockey on growth?

It is necessary to begin with selection of this apparatus for growth. This indicator is considered in age categories which there are four. There is a special table which will allow everyone to understand how it is correct to choose club length for hockey.

There is one exception on which it would be desirable to stop – the athlete who weighs less than 70 kg, but his age is more than 17 years, has to choose for itself youthful option.

How to select a club for hockey according to rigidity?

The correctness and success of performance of a throw depends on this indicator. It should be taken into account that the more the rigidity indicator, the better will appear blow. To define this indicator, it is necessary to be guided by body weight. For marking Easton scale is used. Thanks to the submitted table it is possible to orient easily and to correctly choose a club in this parameter.

Councils how to choose a club for ice hockey

There are also other nuances which should be considered when choosing this apparatus for a game.

Material. The most inexpensive are wooden clubs, but they have a short service life and they are often deformed. Minus it is possible to call also big weight because of what the player quickly is tired. It is possible to carry an opportunity to easily control a washer to advantages therefore this option is considered ideal for beginners. Composite clubs which are allocated with the small weight are more expensive. One more plus – they easily give in to restoration. The combined clubs consisting of a separate pipe and a hook which gather by means of special glue are popular. It gives the chance at any time to replace a hook, at the same time It should be noted that they can be different in a form. It is possible to refer bad quality in comparison with integral clubs to shortcomings.

Characteristics of a hook. Finding out what to choose a club for hockey, it is impossible to miss this important point as this indicator will affect quality of a game. There are many different forms and experts give such advice: put a hook on ice and he has to lay down completely on an edge.

The sock can be such form:

  1. Square – allows to stop easily a washer therefore is ideal for defenders.
  2. Round – allows to carry out different "counters" therefore this option is chosen by forwards.
  3. Square with the rounded-off corners – an average between the first and third option.

Power and accuracy of blow depends on a bend of a hook and in the choice it is worth relying on physiology of the player, that is he is a right-handed person or the lefthander. The bend can also be in three places. If it on a heel, then such club lifts very just a washer and if on a sock – it is possible to do different feints and it is good to control a washer. If the bend on the middle, then this option has average values between two considered.

One more important point a corner between the plane and the handle which enters range 4.5-6. The best option for beginners – a hook with the rounded-off sock, a small bend and an average corner. In case the player the lefthander, then is necessary to him a club with the right bend and, on the contrary.


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