How to choose a dictophone?

How to choose a dictophone?

In spite of the fact that the smartphone can replace practically any device, highly specialized gadgets nevertheless remain demanded therefore, many guys want to know how to choose a dictophone and what parameters of this device are most important.

How to choose a digital dictophone - the main characteristics

First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the following parameters and technical features of the device:

  1. Format. Today it is possible to buy the device which is writing down in the MP3, WMA, DSS formats. The first format is considered the most reliable option, practically any player whereas the last format demands a certain device for record reproduction will be able to consider it. WMA prefer those for whom the ideal sound quality is important, but if there is what task to choose a dictophone for record of own thoughts or the planned affairs, to buy the device working in this format it does not make any sense.
  2. Memory size. This parameter needs to be determined proceeding from purpose of the device. For example, if the guy plans to write down for him a seminar or a training lasting 1-2 hours, it is necessary to take the device having the memory size of 2-6 GB.
  3. Indexation. This function will allow to make peculiar bookmarks, and you should not spend time for search of right time of the told text. Indexation existence here that needs to be found out in order that both to choose a dictophone for lectures, and to buy the device for record of negotiations or trainings.
  4. Settings of sensitivity of the microphone. This function needs to be estimated to choose both a reliable dictophone for the hidden record, and the device for recording on the street. What the device, that will be more sensitive than high probability that even at decent distance you will be able to write down a conversation. As a rule, modern producers always specify at what distance and in what conditions it is possible to keep record therefore you should not be confused in technical parameters when reading the instruction.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team