How to choose a drill?

How to choose a drill?

Each man knows that a good drill to be useful not only to professional builders, but also those who independently does houses repair. In order that this tool served long, and it was convenient to work with it, let's understand how to choose a drill what to pay attention to and what types of these devices happen.

How it is correct to choose a drill for the house?

There are two main types of similar tools – professional and for house use. The first type costs quite much therefore if you have no need to use the device daily, then sense to pay huge money is not present. Therefore let's consider what amateur drill to choose for the house and what different models differ from each other in.

As a rule, similar devices differ in several parameters, main among which power. The this indicator will be higher, the it will be simpler to drill to you an opening therefore experts recommend to choose as though more expensive though, but nevertheless more powerful devices. It is the key parameter which should be known to choose both a reliable electric drill, and the device working from the accumulator.

The second that it is necessary to estimate, it rotation frequency, this rate has to be 400-500 revolutions per minute. And surely estimate, adjustment of speed of rotation how well works, reliable devices have this function. Conforming to these two rules, it is possible to choose, both to choose a reliable drill for the house, and to buy the convenient screw gun.

Now we will discuss how to choose the cordless drill. In order that the device worked long time, surely estimate battery type, it is better to stop the choice on lithium-ion, they serve much longer.

How to choose the hammer drill?

To work with this tool it was more comfortable, it is necessary to choose model in which switching off of shock function is provided. If there is no similar, then at each turning on of the device also the shock mechanism will turn on, so, service life of the device will become much less.

Also it should be taken into account that experts do not recommend to buy similar devices if you plan to use them quite often (that is more, than 5-10 times a year) or to do an opening in something more dense than concrete or a brick, the tool it is simple not to cope with this task. Such use of the device can provoke its breakage.

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