How to choose a puppy of a German shepherd?

How to choose a puppy of a German shepherd?

Sheep-dogs are beautiful sentry dogs, but at the same time they are kind and good friends. Therefore it is no wonder that many people, deciding on purchase of a dog for the house, stop the choice on this option. It is important to know how it is correct to choose a puppy of a German shepherd as many unfair manufacturers often sell underbred puppies for big money. Besides if your purpose is to bring up the champion, then it is worth approaching the choice with special attentiveness.

It is also possible to refer to advantages of a thoroughbred dog her good health, so, she will be ill rarely. It is recommended to take away the kid from mother not earlier, than to him 50-65 days as for it the character begins to be built up will be executed and to be under construction mentality.

How to select a puppy of a German shepherd according to appearance?

It is initially important to tell that for a good puppy it is necessary to give the round sum therefore see the price policy of different nurseries to be guided in this question and not to be conducted on tricks of quirky manufacturers. The first that needs to be made – to take an interest at the owner how many puppies were in a dung as a bough can fully bring up at most 10 puppies. Besides breeding a bough has to bring posterity only once a year. Puppies have to be practically twins on appearance. Observe dogs and estimate their activity. After that allocate a puppy who attracted most of all, and you pass to survey.

How to choose a healthy puppy:

  1. The hair cannot be too long, and behind ears and near a neck there should not be hair combed backward.
  2. Look in eyes, they have to be identical and without any allocations. You should not take raznoglazy and light-eyed puppies. Surely glance in ears, so they have to be clean, without any damages and smells. To check hearing, slap from a palm and look at reaction of a puppy.
  3. Finding out as it is correct to choose a puppy, It is necessary to tell that it is important to estimate also dental health. The thoroughbred dog has to have a nozhnitseobrazny bite with a gap in 1-2 mm.
  4. The skeleton of a puppy has to be strong. Big joints indicate that in the future at a dog the good frame will be created. The humeral belt has to be wide, and here a back and a waist, on the contrary, short. Hips at a thoroughbred puppy wide.
  5. Surely estimate a condition of paws which have to be strong and direct. If they are bent, so most likely, the kid has a rickets. Paws have to be compact, but at the same time have thick small pillows and dark claws.
  6. Saying about how to choose a puppy from a dung, once you sort such important point, a tail. It should not have breaks and any pathologies. At adult dogs it is lowered down, and here puppies like to raise a tail up, but at the same time it should not be bent in a ringlet and hang over a back.
  7. Estimate a muzzle which has to be a neosystem, but at the same time an interval between a forehead and a muzzle, on the contrary, pronounced.
  8. Tips of ears should not stand, otherwise it demonstrates ossification of auricles, so, in an organism of a dog the calcic balance is broken.
  9. The inflated tummy demonstrates that the kid has worms. At healthy dogs a moist and cold nose.

If interests how to choose a puppy of a sheep-dog, then It is necessary to tell about importance of assessment of character of the pet. Choose active and curious puppies as the sluggish behavior demonstrates presence of any diseases. The kid has to show interest in a surrounding situation and behave surely in an environment of other dogs. All these qualities demonstrate that in the future the dog will be courageous, devoted and serious. Manifestation of aggression indicates that the kid has an unstable mentality.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team