How to choose a tonometer?

How to choose a tonometer?

Tonometer – the device for measurement of pressure which is especially necessary for the people inclined to a hypertension. As it is correct to choose a tonometer for measurement of pressure – a question as difficult since on sale it is possible to find a large number of types of this device today.

What to choose a tonometer for measurement of pressure?

All tonometers can be divided into three views:

  • automatic;
  • mechanical;
  • semi-automatic.

The first version – automatic – are made with a cuff on a shoulder or a wrist.

The most exact, despite some inconveniences in use, mechanical tonometers are considered. The way of measurement of pressure this device is simple: the cuff is put on a shoulder and in it it is forced, and then goes down, air. By means of a stethoscope checking traces the moment of the beginning and the termination of a pulsation (Korotkov's tones). These figures are also pressure indicators.

However the correct measurement of pressure on a mechanical tonometer needs to study. It is medical manipulation to which in Japan, for example, teach within half a year. In the layman's hands the mechanical tonometer can be absolutely useless since without training of people will hardly be able correctly to define Korotkov's tones. And if the person measures pressure to himself, manipulation with a cuff and pear will increase indicators by 10-15 mm of a mercury column.

Semi-automatic and automatic tonometers perform a part of necessary operations. Semiautomatic devices lower air and show result on the screen, automatic machines completely independently take measurement – it is only necessary to put on the device a hand and to press start-up.

The principle of work of automatic and semi-automatic tonometers is based on an ostsillometrichesky method, and the pulsation is read out by the special sensor.

How to choose a tonometer for the elderly person?

In spite of the fact that elderly people prefer mechanical tonometers as more reliable and exact more often, nevertheless it is better for them to get semi-automatic or automatic models. First, as it was already mentioned, the unprepared person practically with 100 percent probability will carry out the procedure the mechanical device incorrectly. Secondly, because of nervousness and tension the indicators can change. Thirdly, because of decrease in hearing and sight, the elderly person can correctly not hear a pulsation and not see the necessary figures. If these arguments are not enough, then it should be noted also that mechanical tonometers need annual checking and calibration.

How it is correct to choose an automatic tonometer?

Automatic electronic tonometers have high precision, their error makes about 3-5 mm Hg. But as these devices are rather expensive, it is necessary to approach their purchase competently.

– on a wrist and on a shoulder – the first option only young people since after 40 years the elasticity of vessels considerably decreases can choose from two types of a tonometer, therefore – the accuracy of measurements can suffer. Besides, various injuries of a wrist, arthritises, deformations of a joint are a contraindication to application of a carpal tonometer.

For the person with arrhythmia it makes sense to get a tonometer with function of intellectual measurement of pressure, in the absence of this problem to overpay for excess options absolutely optional.

If necessary to fix indications of a tonometer it is possible to choose the device with such function on one or two people.

Still it is worth paying attention to completeness of a hand of the person who will use a tonometer – if a hand full, the universal cuff is necessary, standard will be suitable for the others.

Automatic tonometers run on batteries or network. It is the most convenient if in the device both power sources are used.

And the last to measure pressure most precisely, it is necessary to start the procedure not earlier than in one or one and a half hours after a meal and consumption of coffee or tea. Just before the procedure it is impossible to smoke, but it is necessary to descend in a toilet and to have a rest not less than 5 minutes, and it is better – half an hour.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team