How to choose an electric guitar?

How to choose an electric guitar?

If interests you how to choose an electric guitar, then it is important to understand to what parameters it is worth paying attention. Except beautiful appearance, durability, goodness and fine sounding is important. Now we will understand this question most in detail.

How it is correct to choose an electric guitar?

Going to shop of musical instruments, it is necessary to possess a certain basic information without which it is correct to choose a guitar it will not turn out. Finding out what to choose an electric guitar, first of all it is worth deciding on its type. Everything depends on quantity of strings. Six-string options are most widespread, but also is seven-stringed, with an additional bass string si. It is possible to find also a twelve-string guitar which gives brighter sounding.

What to choose an electric guitar for beginners:

  1. Signature stamp. It is very important part as it it depends interaction of fingers and strings. It should be taken into account that the this detail is thicker, the it is more difficult to reach strings. As for signature stamp radius, the best the option in 305 mm is considered. There are also different forms of a signature stamp, but here everything depends on individual preferences of the musician.
  2. Case. The tone of sounding is affected by material of production of the case. For an electric guitar different breeds of trees are used. As for a structure of the building, that is such options: tselnokorpusny, full-case and semi-case. Guitars with the first type of the case are the most polar. Full-case are ideal for jazz music. Semi-case guitars have the acoustic cameras allowing to increase sounding and depth of tone.
  3. Strings. It is important to know how to choose strings for an electric guitar as it is very important parameter. It is worth noticing that the less their thickness, the is simpler to play such guitar. Thick strings allow to receive brighter and powerful sounding.
  4. Frets. Depends on quantity of these elements how many notes can be played a guitar. This parameter is in a limit of 21-24 pieces. The most widespread option – the guitar having 22 harmony. To other frets it is difficult to reach, and they are inconvenient.
  5. Mezura. This concept implies distance from a support to the top powder. The more the menzura, the is stronger a tension of strings, but at the same time, the more than a distance, the is more difficult to play the guitar. There are two most popular options: gibsonovsky menzura of 603 mm and fendorovsky 648 mm.

One more important point to which it is worth paying attention – what mediator to choose for an electric guitar. Experts recommend to get a firm mediator as strings are tense not strongly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team