How to choose avocado?

How to choose avocado?

How to choose avocado – this question steadily arises at those who decided to indulge themselves with something brand new and exotic. It is impossible to call a tasty fruit with unusual oily and cream pulp the frequent guest on our table. And meanwhile, the people adhering to the principles of healthy food do not think without it of the daily menu. And in it there is nothing surprising, considering high nutritiousness of avocado and huge amount of the useful substances which are contained in it. This vegetable product perfectly is suitable for culinary experiments, even it can give to the most usual dish absolutely new flavoring shades. But in food it is worth using only ripe fruits as spoiled or immature it is possible to get poisoned easily. It will be not so difficult to choose avocado qualitative if to use useful recommendations.

How to choose a ripe fruit of avocado - the basic rules

There are several effective ways to define ripeness of avocado. First, it needs to be taken in a hand and to squeeze carefully. Even by weak pressing it on a peel surely will have dent - it is a sure sign of the fact that it is worth refusing purchase. Overripe avocado can quite be also rotten inside, and to measure it by eye absolutely not easy. If after pressing the dimple on a peel quickly disappears, so the fruit just reached the necessary degree of a maturity and it can be used for the culinary purposes. Unripe avocado very firm to the touch as stone, but it can be bought too, should hold off only consumption – at first it will be necessary to wait several days until the fruit ripens at the room temperature.

If you do not know how to choose ripe avocado, then it is worth putting it to an ear and to shake a little. At the ripened fruit the knock of a stone will be heard inside. The unripe product does not rattle.

And finally surely carefully examine a fruit. On its peel there should not be cracks, scratches, wrinkles, spots and other damages. Pay attention to an avocado shank – it has to be a light yellow, but not dark shade. And here color of the fruit – green or brown – says not about maturity degree, and that it plants of different grades.

How it is correct to choose avocado depending on a grade?

Most often in shops it is possible to meet fruits of three versions: Florentine, Californian and Pinkerton.

  1. Florentine – with a smooth peel, without pimple, saturated green color. The outer sheath at such fruit quite thin and under it disappears gentle pulp and a large stone.
  2. Californian – a fruit with a peel of brown color, at it is rather soft pulp with oily taste and the average sizes a stone.
  3. Pinkerton has a dark green peel with quite noticeable pimples. A stone at a fruit not really big, but pulp dense. An outer sheath at it very thick.

It is necessary to choose avocado of any given grade, proceeding from the culinary purposes, namely what dish you plan to prepare from it.

How it is correct to choose avocado in shop for preparation of different dishes?

Many people do not know not only how to choose avocado, but also as it is eaten. And it can be added both to salads, and to soups, to extinguish with meat, to fry, use in the raw, having just peeled by means of a knife and having cut with pieces.

But it is necessary to know that if you want to make salad or to prepare beaters with avocado, then it is worth buying grade fruits Pinkerton with dense pulp. If you are going to do cream soup, smoothie, paste for sandwiches, sauce or cocktail, then Californian is better to choose grade avocado. It has a soft consistence and it is convenient to crush it in the blender.

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