How to choose computer glasses?

How to choose computer glasses?

Doctors advise the people spending at the computer much time to use special glasses, the similar precautionary measure will help to avoid a syndrome of a dry eye. Therefore let's understand how to choose computer glasses and to what characteristics to pay attention upon their purchase.

How it is correct to choose computer glasses?

The first that should be made, it to see a doctor to the oculist who will carry out an inspection of sight and will define whether it is necessary to buy glasses with dioptries, or will be to get optics without them enough. Only after the visit to the expert and obtaining the recipe from it with recommendations, it is possible to go to shop of optics and to start the choice of concrete model.

In salon selling optics, show the recipe issued to you to the consultant, it will show you the stand with suitable models.

Now it is necessary to understand what in a form and landing to choose computer glasses. For this purpose try on the pleasant model and you resemble in it minutes 5-7, attentively trace the feelings whether points have to squeeze a nose bridge to slide off. Move eyes in the parties, up and down, it needs to be made to make sure that the field of vision will not be limited. If the frame does not prevent to look, and the model sits conveniently and does not bring discomfort, then it can be bought safely.

And here as for what brand to choose computer glasses, experts recommend to pay attention to products of such producers as Tsace or the Polaroid. The optics of these brands differs in high quality therefore it is possible to take it bravely, only consider that its cost will be slightly higher, than at models of less eminent and reliable brands. It is possible to save upon purchase, having chosen model with good glasses, but with a cheap frame.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team