How to choose furniture for a sauna

How to choose furniture for a sauna

In the modern world it is difficult to present the person who would hear nothing about a sauna. Some visit it just for the hell of it, others — on medical indications.

Recently more often equip a sauna in the house, and even in the apartment. How to choose furniture for a sauna?

Features of arrangement

The house sauna can be made in the storeroom, the separate room or on a loggia. But an optimal solution is the bathroom as there are already all necessary communications, and it is not required to make out re-planning.

Special attention at arrangement of a sauna should be paid on ventilation installation — it is necessary to provide the system of removal of moisture, otherwise it will get into the apartment over time.

The entrance to a sauna has to be tight, densely closed. It can be an oar door or a sliding design. Usually they are done of a tree and warmed a foil (if from glass — silicone).

The materials Furniture in a sauna has to be not only beautiful and convenient, but also moisture-proof. Most often it is produced from a tree: such furniture breathes, when heating exhales a curative smell, is strong and convenient. It has to be able to sustain the increased humidity and temperature differences.

As for types of wood, most often it is previously processed larch, an oak, a linden, a maple, a poplar, a pine or a cedar. Products from them do not decay, do not crack, do not emit pitches and rather easily wash. Such wood is characterized by the small maintenance of knots, excellent density and simplicity in processing.

Sometimes in arrangement of saunas the stone or cement is used, but only in case it is placed in the certain room. The stone, as well as wood, is rather strong, but at high temperatures it quickly heats up, and at low — is cooled. The sauna with such bed curtains reminds boors more.

Glass, leather, rattan is occasionally applied. But it is rather as the decorating element, but not as the main material. More often such furniture can be seen in the guest room if it is provided.

What furniture has to stand in a sauna?

A set of furniture strictly depends on purpose of a sauna. It can be mini-options, cedar barrels or the full-fledged room with plank beds and benches.

In any sauna are usually mounted:

  • Plank beds;
  • Supports under legs;
  • Head restraints;
  • Support for a back.

It is heavy to present a sauna without convenient hangers, padded stools, cooper's products. Sometimes here put a table and chairs. The font is very useful (to contrast dipping).


  1. Switches in a sauna are surely mounted outside. Lamps are allowed only in vlago- and heat-resistant execution.
  2. The usual plate can become the generator for a sauna — rather simply to carry out to it the extender (in days of visit it joins, and all rest of the time it is reliably hidden).
  3. The vapor barrier in a sauna can be made of a usual foil.
  4. Height of shelves has to allow all family members to sit, without resting against a ceiling.
  5. Hats of all nails in furniture have to be drowned in a tree, otherwise, about them easily to burn.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team