How to choose jeans?

How to choose jeans?

With a problem how to choose jeans, not only women, but also men quite often face. Men should adopt several useful tips to buy clothes of the necessary size and appropriate quality.

What jeans to choose to the man?

The convenience has to be the main criterion at selection of jeans, it is casual clothes which you will wear very often therefore the new thing surely should be tried on in shop. If you feel the slightest discomfort, then it is worth refusing purchase.

If you do not know how to choose jeans to the man by the size, then it is worth taking with itself centimeter. Previously measure the waist and hips, then do the same with trousers in shop. It is possible to pay attention to marking also: The 28th size is 70-72 cm up to a waist and 90-91 on hips, 29–74 cm and 94 cm, etc. It is necessary to select for length of denim so that trouser-legs covered heels, but did not gather below folds. If absolutely became puzzled, it is possible to ask for the help the selling assistant.

As for the choice of model, it should be taken into account features of the figure here. Practically any man will suit classical straight lines or slightly made narrower jeans of neutral blue color. Light and fashionable tight jeans should be chosen only to slender men as they visually make look fat.

How to choose qualitative jeans?

If you are interested in a question as it is correct to choose high quality jeans, then it is worth paying attention to the label of a new thing:

  • the producer – is better if it is more or less known brand;
  • as a part of fabric there have to be spandex or elastin, but no more than 40%, then the thing will longer keep a form and it is better to rush.

Surely check seams – they have to be strong, equal, without the sticking-out threads. Fabric of qualitative jeans has to be rather dense and slightly rough.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team